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First Prohormone Log - Dewman/Trenavar

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  • ^^^^ This. Nice work bud.


    • Hey thanks guys... running Ostanish now. Taking my second day off lifting & diet today.

      Back on hard for another 8 weeks tomorrow. Started Ostanish yesterday as well as Titanium XL. Doing some LiverCare as well. Besides Vit C, a Multi, & some fish oil... that is all I am taking right now.
      My chest has been sore for 3 days... either this new gym is working me a lot harder... or recovery off my run is going to suck!


      • Just read your log Dewman! Very impressive results I must say. A serious congratulations to you!
        A clean fighter in a dirty game


        • Sorry I didnt see this before!
          Thank you!


          • First Prohormone Log Dewman/Trenavar

            Looking good I am interested to see how these fit in your build. I know the feeling about getting started late I was up this fairly early this morning but house duties have to be done first. ;-)