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Iron Mag Labs Halo Extreme Log!

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  • Iron Mag Labs Halo Extreme Log!

    About that time to do a log. Iron Mag Labs was kind enough to send me a free bottle of their halo product. Never used anything before and just feel like it's time to try something. Either I'll love it or hate it, but never know until you try!

    First, a little background. I have been lifting since high school and have been happy with my progress. I went from 130lbs to 197lbs after two years or so; then spent a few years trying natural bodybuilding. Got dead last my first show, but came back two more years later and got third in my class.

    Fast forward two MORE years and I did my first raw powerlifting meet this last June and won my weight class and got second in my age group with a 1150lb total with a 177lb weigh in.

    Right now I'm even leaner at 172lbs. I want to get about 10 pounds while staying in shape and gain strength as well.

    I am going to stay with just 50/50/50/50. I am in no real rush and has no idea how the drug will interact with me. Due to diet and genetics I have low blood pressure, low lipids/ cholesterol.

    I will PCT with clomid at standard 50/50/25/25.

    I'm also going to use spiro 2% and nizoral 2% to prevent any hairloss. This is probably the thing I'm worried most about; but also realize that if it happens it happens.

    I will update with pictures and workouts as much as possible. Thanks guys.
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    Popped the first pill Monday morning. This was the workout from Monday as well.

    upper body yesterday.

    dumbell flat chest press

    45 x 5
    55 x 5
    70 x 5
    90 x 5
    100 x 5
    110 x 5
    115 x 3
    125 x 2

    weighted pull ups w/ 45lb plate
    8 x 3

    pull downs
    10 x 3

    seated military barbell press
    5 x 2 155lbs

    dumbell bicep curls
    8 x 2 45lbs

    JM press
    8 x 3 155lbs


    workout pretty normal. haven't done flat presses with dumbbells in a while, it was fun though something different. i also worked out at my girlfriends gym because it's closer to my work. i usually work out at quads which is about a 35 minute commute. still a good workout.

    nothing with the hdrol yet, of course. much to early to tell. drinking a lot of water though. also my appetite seems to be massive currently. still eating according to plan though.

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      legs yesterday, i'll say right now, not impressive stuff at all. was not feeling it even during the warm up. legs felt tight and weight felt heavy.


      band warm up (squat, dead, good morning, shoulder prehab, etc)

      yolk bar squats

      5 x .25 plates
      5 x 1 plate
      5 x 1+.25 plate
      5 x 2 plates
      3 x 2+.25 plates

      i'm lazy and dont bother with the calculation for this bar. all i know is that it is 85 pounds alone and i think today the heaviest i went was 315lbs.

      stopped here, just wasnt feeling it enough to keep going. finished up with some GHR's on the machine along with a few sets of leg extensions. oh, and did a little calf stretching.

      now that i'm home i'll be foam rolling and stretching hard all night to loosen up my groin/hamstrings for the next workout friday on legs.

      i feel super sweaty these last few days. im sure its not the hdrol, but the fact that it is muggy as all hell in chicago.
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        few photos from the various things i talked about in the first post. i'll take a pic of myself later today or tomorrow AM to show where i'm at day 1 and then again at the end.
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            early morning wake up, couldnt sleep. so far the only side effect i have after 4 days is more sweating during the workouts and increased hunger. i'll update my dynamic chest workout this afternoon.
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              Thanks for the log brother!

              HALO EXTREME™ - Pro-Anabolic Complex

              -Comparable to Gaspari Halodrol-50
              -Helps with Cutting (getting lean)
              -Increases Strength & Hardness
              -Does Not Aromatize (convert to estrogen)
              -Can be used as part of bulking, lean bulking or cutting cycles


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                ^ my pleasure. Thanks for the hook up.

                Yesterday had chest and shoulders. I had to move quick because I had a work event to be to at 5, and I got in the gym after 3.

                Dynamic chest press with chains
                9 x 3 135lbs (195lbs at top)

                Flat hammer strength, plate loaded
                3 x 12 two plates a side

                Gotta say, this is the best machine ever. Slight incline but seriously, they don't make equipment this good anymore.

                Incline barbell bench
                3 x 15 185lbs

                Machine Flys
                2 x 25 120lbs

                By this point I always have the most insane chest pump. I do a little dynamic stretching then go into shoulders.

                Barbell military seated press 100lbs
                4 x 12

                Side raises 35lbs
                2 x 15

                Bent over barbell rear raises
                2 x 12 45lbs

                Machine rear delt destruction
                2 x 25 120lbs

                Face pulls
                2 x 25 90lbs

                Had a great pump and am feeling full in the chest today as well. Suit is fitting a little tighter. Not a bad thing, guess its time for a few new ones anyway.

                Not noticing anything negative so far with the halo extreme. So far so good! Pounding water, getting my meals in and seeing where we go.
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                  Dynamic legs last night.

                  Chained Box Squats
                  8 x 2 225lbs (over 300lbs at the top)

                  20 box jumps with 15 second breaks between

                  Leg extensions
                  3 x 12 Whole stack

                  3 x 15 150lbs with 25lb plates for a better stretch

                  Reverse swinging hyper with a plate each side
                  2 x 25

                  Donkey calf raise
                  3 x 12

                  Seated calf raise
                  2 x 15

                  Got home and my girlfriend said WTF happened to your leg? And I realized I had a bruise on my left leg right where the tendon is. There is no pain, but am assuming when doing the whole stack for leg extensions the pressure on the back of the leg caused a bruise. Gonna ice it and keep an eye on it.

                  I am also breaking my diet a bit and increasing my carbs. Still eating 300g carb, 230g protein, and 60g fat; but on certain days I definitely eat more carbs and protein.

                  Still relatively lean. Haven't noticed anything else with the halo, maybe slight glycogen load. But that could be from the carb increase moreso.
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                    Back and arms last night

                    Wide grip pull downs
                    4 x 12

                    Single arm rows
                    3 x 12

                    Cable rows
                    3 x 15

                    4 x 1 minute

                    Cambered barbell curl
                    4 x 13

                    Reverse grip cambered curl
                    3 x 20
                    Drop set normal BB curl to failure

                    Spider curls
                    2 x 25

                    Overhead triceps extension
                    3 x 12

                    Rope pull downs
                    3 x 20

                    Single arm kick backs
                    1 x 20
                    Superset pushups to failure

                    On my hypertrophy workouts I really notice a major pump, better then any pre workout. I belt like I could keep going for sure, that was a great workout.

                    Here's a pic, said I'd throw one up this week.

                    I have overpowering arms and a shallow chest; always a goal to make it thicker.
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                      upper body yesterday

                      barbell bench press
                      5 x 95lbs
                      5 x 135lbs
                      5 x 160lbs
                      5 x 185lbs
                      5 x 200lbs
                      3 x 225lbs
                      3 x 245lbs
                      2 x 255lbs

                      Pendlay Rows
                      3 x 6 200lbs

                      shoulder press hammer strength plate loaded machine
                      3 x 5 two and a quarter plates

                      bicep curls
                      2 x 6 50lbs

                      football bar close grip bench bress
                      3 x 8 150lbs

                      i had to do this early morning and i was happy with what i achieved at 7am. hdrol going well so far. might need to slow down the calories a bit, i dont want to get too fluffy.

                      went up north today and worked out at a great small powerlifting gym. lotta weight and awesome atmosphere happening.

                      front squats
                      5 x 95
                      5 x 135
                      5 x 160
                      5 x 185
                      5 x 200
                      3 x 225
                      3 x 250
                      2 x 285

                      GHR machine
                      4 x 5

                      cambered squat bar good mornings
                      3 x 8 195lbs

                      reverse hyper
                      2 x 20

                      calf raises
                      3 x 10

                      seated calf raise
                      2 x 6

                      i was happy with the workout, but i am hoping to front squat 315 in 6 weeks. ill see what i can make it happen. again, cycle going well. want to bump it up to 3 a day, but am on the fence still. hair is still in as well. lol. noticing fullness though...and strength is slowly going up.
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                        Hit chest and shoulders Thursday.

                        Dynamic Effort chest press w/ chains
                        9 x 3 135lbs + chains (over 200lbs)

                        Dumbbell chest press
                        3 x 10 100lb bells

                        Incline hammer strength presses
                        3 x 15 2 plates a side

                        2 x 25 machine flys 120lbs

                        Seated barbell military shoulder press
                        3 x 10 110lbs
                        Superset last set Jefferson press (I think) to failure

                        Side raises
                        2 x 15

                        Machine side raises
                        2 x 20

                        Rear delt raises
                        2 x 8

                        2 x 10

                        Great chew workout. Huge pump as well. Feel great on cycle. Eating a lot, actually had to cut carbs back down, getting to soft and eating to much is a bad combination.


                        Dynamic Legs last night

                        Chained front box squats
                        8 x 2 185lbs + chains (250lbs or so)

                        20 Box jumps

                        Leg extensions
                        3 x 15

                        3 x 12
                        Superset last set with good mornings to failure only using the bar. Probably 100 reps or so. Using pause, partials, and tempo.

                        Cable pull throughs
                        2 x 25

                        3 x 15

                        Seated calves
                        2 x 15

                        Killer workout as well. Got to do about 30 minutes of foam rolling and stretching PWO. Got home an crashed.

                        I was supposed to gym early today, but getting home at 11 and getting up at 6am just to hit back and arms wasn't worth it, I'll go tomorrow before work.
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                          Halodrol and the clones are the most popular and most used PH ever in history. The following and positive feedback from these products have an almost cult following because the compound works so well with so little sides. Its kind of like the testosterone of the PH world. Have fun brother. You will love IML's Halo Extreme.
                          All posts are for entertainment and may contain fiction. Consult a doctor before using any medication.