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Ostanish/PCT & HITs - Dewman

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  • Ostanish/PCT & HITs - Dewman

    Okay guys...
    just finished my two days of off everything... no diet, no exercise.

    I stared my PCT & SARMs run two days ago.

    Here is what i will be taking:
    Ostanish - 20mg in the am, 20mg in the pm (8 weeks)
    Titanium XL - 2 caos am, 2 caps pm (4 weeks)
    Fish oil 3,6,9 1 cap am 1 cap pm (8 weeks)
    Vit C - 2,000 mg am, 2,000mg pm (8 weeks)
    Multi - 1 am 1 pm (8 weeks)
    LivCare - 1 cap am, 1 cap pm (8 weeks)
    Milk Thistle - 1 cap am, 1 cap pm (8 weeks)

    Obviously the big thing here is the Ostanish.

    I am also doing a varriation of HITs. I am a "a lot of reps" kind of guy. I was doing 10 sets of every exercise on my last log for trenavar/Epistane. Going 5 days on, 1 day off

    I am going to be lifting every other day, doing approximately 2 warm up sets light, 2 warm up sets heavy, 1 working set at the heaviest weight I can do for 4-8 reps.
    Every week I will add AT LEAST 1 rep to my working weight, until I hit 8 reps, then I will add weight.

    No more high reps for me.

    Here is what I did today

    Preachers: 1X10 empty, 2X10 35lbs, 2X10 50lbs, 1X5 90lbs
    Standing straight bar curls: (no warm up) 1X8 90lbs

    Lat pulldowns front: 1x10 25lbs, 2X10 75lbs, 2x10 130lbs, 1X6 170lbs
    Lat pulldowns backwards: (no warm ups) 1x9 170lbs

    Bent over rows: 2x10 50lbs, 2X10 180lbs, 1X5 230lbs (was losing form after 2nd rep, will step this down 20lbs next week to keep form)

    Shrugs: 2x10 200lbs, 1x10 230lbs, 1x6 280lbs

    Trap raises (I know, but I like them) 3X10 20lbs

    That is it, I will add dead lifts to these next week, and some ab work.

    I will be taking tomorrow off, and doing more Monday. Every other day seems strange to me.

    Also, doing it this way, I got way more work in, in less time. In the time it takes me to do just biceps & claves, I did all of these... without all those reps, things go a lot faster.

    My new Powertec Workbench is frikin awesome, and the changing of exercises is fast and easy! (It is new to me, I bought it used on Craig's list for $600, then bought 300lbs of extra weight at Dick's)

    So... Here we go, let's see if I add size during PCT.

    I am going to try to raise my protein up 150g to near 500 grams for these 8 weeks... which means lots of shakes as I am already eating 8 meals per

    (Yes, treed, WW, & Rockoid... going to be eating carbs too!

    I will go over diet changes and any other changes as I go.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Looks good.

    Nice to see you will be trying less volume/frequency and more intensity/less frequency. Seriously consider that style for your winter run. Every other day allows a recovery day in between sessions.

    You may not need so much for the liver during this off period. But it's ok for general health though.

    Broken record harping: Remember to build the program around the majors (deads, squat, military, rows, bench) not around the minors (tricep kick backs, side raises, leg extensions, curls, abs, etc).

    Kinda like the food pyramid for training.



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      Yup, I am actually following instructions and doing what others have done before me, instead of what I like/want to do. I don't have too much time to make mistakes... so I am open to doing things another way that isn't mine!

      Today is squats, legs extensions, leg curls, and calf work... maybe some ab stuff too if there is time. This will be a bit different as it will be my first time doing squats on this machine, so I have no idea what my max/work weight will be.

      My back is tweaked from the bent over rows, so I may have to find a replacement exercise for that... or just use free weights.

      Couple of things... the Ostanish makes me a little jittery in the am, but not when I take it in the PM... may just be that I take half of a 5 hour energy about 30 mins before that, but my wife feels jittery too, and she does coffee in the am... so there is that.

      I have grown since my last log (last week). We actually cannot believe it here. Not a ton, but noticeable.

      I was under dosing my Titanium for a couple of days, but have been feeling better now that I am on the proper dose.

      I did Biceps & back on Saturday and I was pumped up until today. There is still some pump there, but it is getting better. My skin felt like it was going to split it was so tight around my arms.

      No idea if that was from the carbs Wednesday & Thursday... but Sunday was a long time to go to still feel carbs eaten on Friday?

      I will see how I feel today after my lifts. See if the same things happens.

      Last Wednesday I did chest, and I am still very slightly sore... so the new machine actually must be doing something, as my last workout was not HIT training.

      That is about it, not much to report other than my wife likes the small waist I am getting and the bigger arms & chest! Always a win! (I still have about 10-12lbs I could lose as well!

      More as it's relevant!


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        5mm+ kidney stone. Been fighting it for a week... Be back when it's gone.


        • #5
          so.... hold on here. are you on a cycle? or where you....

          WORLD PHARM =


          • #6
            I had just finished a Trenavar/Epistane run of orals 4 days before I started getting the pain. 4 days after that I landed in the hospital. Not sure it was related, I am still on the above, but I can't lift until this passes as my system isn't running on all cylinders. As soon as it passes I can start lifting again.


            • #7
              Beuller? Beuller? Beuller?

              Bump for info.

              -unpleasantness level?
              -starting any cardio or lifting?
              -any preposterously painful pumice pissing?


              • #8
                Hey man, sorry no updates... Too much pain to do anything right now. There are days I can barely walk or straiten up fully. I cant do shit until this thing passes. If it were a couple mm smaller, it wouldn't hurt quite so bad.
                I am drinking a ton of water, I hope this thing leaves soon my body is itching to get back to things!


                • #9
                  hope you get better soon man
                  The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten


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                    Damn, that sucks.

                    Rest up and get well soon.


                    • #11
                      Get well soon kid.


                      • #12
                        Thanks everyone, hopefully it won't take too much longer here & I can get back to things. I am losing weight & I am just hoping it is not all muscle. Have to take my BF and see. Can't take in a lot of protein during this, drs orders... So I hope the Ostanish helps keep muscle & the lost weight is fat mostly.

                        We will see!


                        • #13
                          I'm feeling for ya bud . . . my business partner gets those (kidney stones) and she says they are horribly painful.

                          My secretary says an old folk remedy is to drink a couple tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water with each meal. She told a story of how her grandparents had this hired man on the farm, who suffered terrible kidney stones. When he started drinking vinegar in his water, they went away and he didn't have trouble with them for many years after.


                          • #14
                            Trying the vinegar today... Been over two weeks, need this fucking thing out of me!


                            • #15
                              Phew... that was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me! I passed the stone Sunday night!!!!!
                              (taking apple cider vinegar every morning now to prevent it in the future!)

                              This knocked my PCT way off, as well as my diet. I had to drink over 2 gallons of water per day, so I barely had room for 1 meal, let alone my normal 8+.
                              I also had to stop the Titanium XL... so I have been squeaky clean for a little over 3 weeks now.

                              I stayed on the Ostanish though & switched to DHEA (100mg) for a couple of weeks. Going off PCT killed my libido & gave me ED... which sucks cuz nothing like that has ever happened to me before. Hell I can usually go 3-4 times per day.... this was so depressing. I seem to be rounding the corner on all of that... but any recommendations for PCT test boosting (orals or topicals) for my PCT after Trenazone/Halo would be VERY welcome!

                              Hit the weights today for the first time in weeks & it felt GREAT! I am so OCD that I picked up right where I left off. I had to stop the day before chest & triceps.... so that is what i did
                              Also, I was still able to do some pretty good weight.
                              Flat bench: 90lbsX10, 180X10, 210X10, 260X4
                              Decline: 210X10, 260X8
                              Military press: I (but I wrote it down)
                              incline: 170X10, 190X6

                              seated Triceps raises: 50X10, 60X10, 80X8
                              standing tri press/pulldowns: 50X10, 70X8
                              seated tri push outs: 70X8 (something the Ausie powertech guys do)

                              Not great on the triceps, but I was happy. I stopped there for the day.

                              I am still trying HITS, so if I am off on how I am doing this, please let me know.

                              Rockoid... will be emailing you tomorrow!!!!

                              Good to be back in the saddle... man alive I missed it!

                              PS. I am still 184lbs... I will be checking body fat in 2 days after I am full back on my diet. I have to work up to 8 meals again as the water diet killed my ability to eat!