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Ostanish/PCT & HITs - Dewman

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    glad you are better man.
    time to get back on track now!!!
    The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten


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      Hey thanks!
      I would like to give a review of Ostanish right now. Let me just say that Ostanish, or some kind of SARM will always be a part of of my PCT. I was actually able to put this stuff to the ultimate test!

      As mentioned above, I got a kidney stone 2-3 days into my PCT. It caused me to go off of nearly everything, but I stayed on the Ostanish. I also had to drink between 2 & 3 gallons of water per day, which left me not wanting to eat ANYTHING...ever. I went several days at a time over 3 weeks not eating anything. I drank several gallons of cranberry juice, so I got some calories there. I had 3 Pepsi's (Dr's orders), and I ate several candy bars. I ate about 4 candy bars and it was one at a time and usually just before bed as I was in desperate need of calories.

      There were about 12 days I ate 1 meal in the evening, and it was usually something like just chicken... maybe 4 ounces.

      I dropped a bit of weight, and have spent the last week eating like a sick pig... anything and everything I wanted just to get back up to strength.

      I am now 181.4lbs, still around 12% BF (actually between 11 & 12%)

      So I have lost nothing for weight... even being on a mostly water diet for 3 weeks!!

      Same BF, actually a little lower, same weight as at the end of my Trenavar run... so even not lifting, laying in bed most days, not eating, taking only water, having most of my 200-400 calories per day being empty calories...for over 3 weeks.... I still lost a little fat and gain a shaving of muscle????!!!!

      I can say this because my BF is slightly lower, yet my weight remains the same.

      That is out-fucking-standing in my book!!!!!!

      So in my opinion.... this stuff works unbelievably!!!! I will ALWAYS be taking this stuff during my PCT time.

      I am actually having some trouble believing it, and I am seeing the numbers first hand.

      I am back on my full diet, started lifting again the other day, so we will see where it goes over the next several days.

      But I just wanted to post this because I had to do the numbers about 6 times just to be sure... this stuff helped me keep my muscle, even while sick and on an all water diet... otherwise, the only other explanation is that at 41, sick, taking in no calories, not working out and laying in bed all day and night... my body just naturally kept all that muscle gained, and even decided to shave a little blubber off myself... which seems very unlikely!

      This has my full loyalty now. SARMs for me during every PCT from here on out!



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        thats good news man.
        always kills me when i get sick and 3 days later i am 15lbs lighter and look like shit. it always comes back as quick as i lost it but still it will mentally fuck you up for a few days lol.
        glad to hear you are back to feeling good and lifting again.
        The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten


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          Okay boys & girls... and those of you that are not quite sure.

          I have been using and getting used to my new Powertec Workbench (again it is used, but new to me).

          I think I am starting to come around on the HITs way of training. It is still a bit odd to me, but I will say that I am getting very sore & STAYING sore for a lot longer.... which is good right? Cuz it means I am really tearing the muscle and it is healing over a long time. But I am doing a day lifting, then off, then lifting, then off now too on the primes of resting my central nervous system. Which is odd for me as well. However, this mean that I am fitting all of my muscle groups in, in three days now. This may expand to four down the line should my lifting time continue to get longer and longer.

          That being said, If I do back and biceps on one day, six days later I am doing them again... at that point they are just barely recovered from being sore!

          Again, I believe it is a good thing!

          The Ostanish is doing it's job... I have lost nothing during my PCT time (well missed PCT). So I am going into my next run (tomorrow) of Trenazone & Halo pretty much with everything I had coming off my last run... maybe even in better shape, stronger & bigger than I was!

          I may be starting HRT next week sometime, which could time perfectly with the end of my Halo & Trenazoone. So basically, I may not need PCT after this run to restore test levels. It will be more like a cruise for 8-12 weeks.

          So that being said, I am going to switch over to my thread about Trenazone & Halo now!

          Parting thoughts... I will always use Ostanish or a SARM between cycles. worked out VERY well for me given I was on water only for close to 3 weeks due to a kidney stone... and I lost practically nothing for muscle!!! My BF is almost identical to what it was at the end of my last cycle... which makes this amazing!

          I woke up at 182.8 today. My BF is still right around 12%
          SO I may have even added a pound or so of muscle here during my off cycle!