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CybrSage's Gw50 and S4 Log (Sponsored by SarmsSearch)

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  • CybrSage's Gw50 and S4 Log (Sponsored by SarmsSearch)

    CybrSage cannot make his own thread yet, so he asked that I make him one. Here it is!
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    Thank you Barny.

    I received my GW50 and S4 about a week ago, but I did not want to start my log until I knew they had time to enter my system fully. I have run GW50 a LOT already and I know it takes that long for me to feel its effects. So here we are, a week out.

    Here is some SARMs Pr0n for you to enjoy. I like the look of the bottles, very professional. Adding the chemical's design on the bottle makes them look...dunno...more legitimate. I know the label has nothing to do with what is inside the bottle (other than hopefully telling you what really IS inside the bottle), but I believe that if a company makes a quality product they should put a quality label on it. Would you put a KMart night gown on your hot girlfriend or something from Frederick's of Hollywood? Anyway, onto the actual log itself.

    Yesterday, I went to my Uncle's kettlebell class (yes, at 66 he teaches kettlebell classes at the Y - he does every routine before he makes his students do them!). It was a core hour of torture and pain. Still, I kept up with the 25 and 30 year olds in the class and felt good about myself. My right tricep is working fine, did not let me down once! I had plenty of energy to keep up even though I was coated in sweat (as was everyone else).

    The only thing I purposefully reduced the weights on was the farmer's walk - I am limited to 40 pounds by my surgeon still and am NOT going to violate that.

    Afterwards, I felt good - drained, but good. The GW50 certainly did its job. S4 also has some endurance enhancing effects, so some of that credit must go to it as well. I am in a cut, so the use of S4 with my TRT is to help ward off the loss of muscle while losing fat. I hope to actually GAIN some muscle while losing fat, we shall see...the scale combined with the tape measure will tell us all we need to know.

    I will start my measurements today, but then shift to a Sunday measurement day. We will see what happens to my fat and muscles over the next month. I still have yet to hit the gym tonight, I will go shortly, time to repeat the kettlebell routine!
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      Did my measurements on Monday and then promptly forgot to post them:

      Weight: 199
      Stomach: 35.5
      Waist: 35.5

      I will repeat these every Sunday to see if I am losing body fat AND weight at the same time...or if I am maintaining weight but losing body fat, or whatever.

      I did the same kettlebell routine again last night, here it is:

      Kettlebell Workout Core

      Warmup: 25 mins cardio at approx. 140bpm heart rate

      3 sets of each, 30 sec on 30 sec off

      Figure 8 full upright
      Goblet plank
      Elbow to knee (each side) (racked)
      High Chop (each Side)
      Plank Side Swings (each Side)
      Situp Thruster
      Fast Hot Potato
      Farmer Carry (each side)
      Fast Russian Twist (in/out)
      Half Getup (each side)


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        Still going strong with the cardio warm up and the core kettlebell workout. I can feel the GW50 helping me recover quickly between sets. Not sure if S4 is supposed to give me any type of feeling, but it is not so I will say it is not supposed to.

        I blew my diet yesterday, though. A friend of mine makes homemade donuts and they are divine. Yeah, he makes the dough by hand, deep fries them to perfection, even makes filled ones at home too. Well, he stopped by for a visit and brought a dozen donuts with him. I ate several...most likely my entire day's worth of calories in donuts alone. I regret nothing...


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          Ran into a problem on Friday - I pulled something in my neck while doing cardio. Not sure what, but it still hurts slightly this morning. I have been taking it easy because of that. It is not on the same side as the pain was prior to the surgery, so most likely I just am having an "old man" issue - I should stretch more before working out, even before doing cardio on the elliptical.

          Here are my stats from Sunday:

          Did my measurements on Monday:

          Weight: 196
          Stomach: 35.25
          Waist: 35.25

          A 3 pound drop, even WITH eating the donuts! Saying I am shocked is a gross understatement. Here is to hoping I can work the kinks out of my neck and get a good, solid, week in and see where that puts me.


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            Great news, even after the donuts. I would have eaten them too.
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              Saw my chiropractor this morning (he is also a sports injury specialist) and he looked me over good. He said I pulled some muscles in my neck and the inflammation of it was pressing on the nerve bundles in the area. Of course, my nerve bundles are still recovering from the damage done to them by the bone spurs on my spine, so that just caused a double down on the issue. He did a deep tissue massage on my neck and made it a LOT better. Told me to take a bunch of ibuprofen to help keep down the inflammation and to take it easy for a few days. I am happy that is all it was!

              I stopped all weight pushing for the week due to his advice, but am still doing cardio every other day. Tonight I am going in for another 40 minute session.

              I expect my weight to go up this week because of the neck issue and will be VERY surprised if it does not. If it does not, it is all because of the SARMs, there really is no other way it could not go up.


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                OK, so I only was able to do one day of cardio - 25 minutes of moderate to heavy. My measurements this morning were:

                drum roll please

                Weight: 197
                Stomach: 35
                Waist: 35

                I gained one pound but lost a 1/4 inch off my stomach and my waist. I really expected to GAIN in all three! I am really liking this combo and will see what this next week brings me. I leave for GenCon Tuesday evening, but my hotel has a really nice gym so I am going to keep up my workouts while there.


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                  Back from GenCon and did weight and measurements. I ate what I wanted to eat and simply enjoyed myself. I only managed to hit the gym once, but also hit the pool that day too. Did a total body workout and then cardio in the pool. GenCon was a VERY fun time!

                  Weight: 196
                  Stomach: 35
                  Waist: 35

                  Lost a pound while at GenCon, even though I did not eat on diet.
                  I did not do anything stupid either. I consider that a win and it really shows what S4 and GW50 can do together to help you when you cannot (or choose not to) keep your diet on point. Now imagine what is yet to come as I pull my diet back in shape and restart my workout program!

                  I am going to see about getting more S4 to continue this run while on a good diet and proper workout regimen.


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                    Sounds like you enjoyed and benefitted greatly from the products.
                    I loved my GW run, and miss the effects. I've noticed a loss in cardio endurance since coming off

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                      I did, I can only imagine how great the results would have been had I been on a proper diet and exercise routine. My purpose was to show how well the products work when you are NOT eating and exercising properly. I lost weight and fat while not really trying to do so.


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                        Thanks for logging the product!

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