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Post Menopause female competitor needs guidance

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  • Sassy69
    I used to know a competitor who also had extremely low E levels - she had a LOT of issues so I couldn't even guess how she handled them. This is something she will probably need to be very patient and diligent with as I just don't get the sense that the medical industry is very well versed in female hormones outside of the 'normal'. If she is not happy w/ the current approach, she should be insistent on talking further w/ this particular doctor for other routes. If this doctor is not flexible and can't offer alternatives, she should ask for more referrals for a second opinion and possibly also ask about bio-identical hormone therapy.

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  • spiderman405
    started a topic Post Menopause female competitor needs guidance

    Post Menopause female competitor needs guidance

    I have a co-worker female friend who is having major hormonal issues. I myself being a man have researched for years on all the male stuff and no some female stuff but not near what I know about the male side. She is in her mid 40's and suffers from really low estrogen. She went to a recommended endocrinologist in houston and he gave her estrogen cream. When she took it she got super bloated and gained a crazy amount of body fat while still working out , dieting and doing her cardio. She also had a bought with high cortisol which seems to be under control now.

    I was wanting to find out any good recommendations of a good sports medicine--anti-aging doctor that she can get in touch with. One that knows and deals with females that want to compete and look amazing not just fell good and be fat.

    Please let me know if any one can point her in the right direction.