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Potential Discussions: Response Thread

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  • Potential Discussions: Response Thread

    Resident Spartacus Posted:

    Not a female but I thought I would post a few questions some of our female members might like the answer to but are apprehensive about asking.

    Is PCT necessary for a female?

    What types of ancillaries should a female use while on cycle.


    I've responded to this inquiry in the past on several other boards so here it is again. I hope it is helpful and addresses your concerns:

    I usually recommend Clomid to bring levels of estrogen back into alignment as part of a post cycle therapy regimen for the more aggressive female user. Hcg promotes progesterone production and mimics the pituitary glands message to the ovary to release the egg. The use of HCG can be particularly useful when natural progesterone production is affected by androgynous progesterone based compounds. This process can cause some irritability, but hey, nothing is for free. Notice how the use of ancillaries in female PCT is very similar to the men's only serves different purposes. Another supplement that I swear by for reestablishing estrogen balance is an OTC soy product called Estroven. I suggest double the recommended dosing for the first week and then dropping it down to the suggested dosing on the box for the remaining 3 weeks. The effects of the soy product are slow and gentle, and as a result water retention due to sudden resurgence of estrogen is rarely a problem.

    For the less experienced user seeking a less drastic alternative to female PCT to promote ovulation and bypass the risks and side-effects of the aforementioned fertility drugs, there are other natural remedies that are worth attempting. Vitamin B6, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitex (Chastetree Berry) to name a few. Natural progesterone cream is another option. The red clover is a very popular remedy and one that I highly recommend. It is high in calcium and magnesium and helps to nourish the uterus. False Unicorn Root and Stinging Nettle both help to restore and regulate hormonal balance as well as ovulation. Royal Jelly is also considered a natural alternative to Clomid, Licorice root possesses estrogenic activity, and is said to be beneficial as a uterine tonic and to induce normal ovulation.

    I also find that Tribulus can induce ovulation in women. Tribulus increases the LH hormone (that rises sharply just before ovulation) and also raises FSH hormone.
    Tribulus also promotes the development and maturation of the ovarian follicle.

    Now some other suggestions when coming off cycle would be a taper which is usually not necessary for the more advanced user. However, many women have experienced less of a rebound with a post cycle taper with the much milder forms of AAS.

    Post cycle depressions can be combated with 5HTP, St. Johns wart or valerian root.

    If a woman supplements with testosterone without the use of an AI, estrogen levels are raised in an attempt to attain a homeostatic state. Once you discontinue the use of testosterone, the body's natural test production is shut down temporarily causing an immense surge in estrogen which results in the terribly dreaded estrogenic rebound. In this case, Nolvadex post cycle is highly recommended to allow estrogen to slowly level out as the test levels fall until homeostasis is attained once again.

    And of course, last but not least, cardio and a clean diet are a staple in any post cycle regimen and necessary to promote health and hormonal balance.



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    Great post. Indeed it is amazing how the same tropic hormones can have such different effects in the male and female body and the same hormone or medication can also be used to set us both back to homeostasis.


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      Originally posted by Spartacus View Post
      Great post. Indeed it is amazing how the same tropic hormones can have such different effects in the male and female body and the same hormone or medication can also be used to set us both back to homeostasis.

      Thank you Kindly Glad I could help.
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