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Stepping things up a notch with AAS

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    Originally posted by Jacked911 View Post
    I never said I was against AAS use for women.
    My mistake, I mis-read your post.
    I said I'm 100% against for a 23 year old with hardly any training background who isn't even trying to get big, being misled by her idiotic boyfriend. HUGE difference. I know a decent amount about PH from my former job, and this is a situation I saw quite a bit. Stupid guys, about my age, would come in with their gf's and buy them some M-Drol or Methyl-1-D to "lean-out." This is just plain idiotic, and if it's something that I would ALWAYS strongly advise against as an employee.

    This thread's totally different. The original poster has been training for decades w/o drugs, and all I was doing was COMMENDING her on that. If she wants to go ahead and use AAS, FINE, she's put in the hard work, knows how to train, knows how to diet AND is competing in bodybuilding, not some bikini contest. I completely support that.

    Mike, I realize you're a forum leader here, and I'll respect what you just asked me to do. I'm not gonna come in here and criticize anyone like you ask. But as a responsible guru on the topic of PH and AAS (and you've been very helpful to me on a few PH questions), I really do hope you'd find it in you give the proper advice on the situation described in the first paragraph. Some poor teenaged girl or young women in her early 20s that gets persuaded by her bf to go on AAS or ph for "bikini season" IS making the wrong decision, and it's your responsibility to give proper advice.
    I understand what you are saying and no, I don't believe AAS is necessary for bikini, but at the same time, I feel it's important to respect these women's decisions to use AAS, especially in this forum. Being a male in a woman's forum, I do not particulary feel it is my place to push my ideals on any woman. Remember this the "women's" forum, not ours and in certain situations, it is better to let the other women here advise them in particular matters regarding the female social dynamic of AAS use.

    Now, if a woman was saying she was going to start using 500 mg/week of Test prop because her boyfriend told her to, I would strongly try to discourage her by relaying the likely SIDE EFFECTS she will experience, NOT by telling her that I don't agree with her decision due to her ideals differing from mine in the area of what qualifies a woman to begin using AAS.

    Of course, I would also discourage a teen girl from trying ANY AAS, but 23 years of age is old enough to safely use AAS (as safe as she'll ever be) and whether or not I agree with AAS in bikini, it is really a personal choice and what it comes down to is ideals, NOT keeping someone safe. Whether or not a woman chooses to use AAS for fitness, figure, BB'ing or bikini is inconsequential to health and is outside the scope of safety and into my personal opinion.

    For this reason, I won't tell any female what to do in this forum when it comes to ideals. We all have varrying beliefs of what we consider to be an acceptable time to use AAS, both male and female. Age and drug choice/dosage are what I feel compelled to watch out for and give advice in, not WHY a woman is using.
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      going back to op i can only tell you my current clients success with anavar. she,s 48 5'3 and dieted and trained naturally down to 140 pounds. she wanted to step up a notch so after researching and discussing options we decided on anavar at 5mg twice a day for 10 weeks. right now in week 6 and things going very good. she has gained 5 solid pounds while dropping some more bf% and strength has gone up also. biggest change so far is lose of ab fat and really toning up in arms, upper back, and shoulders. her legs were already very lean and tone. bottom line is she is very happy with her progress!!!


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        wanted to update my last post. my client will be finishing cycle this week and all went well. currently at 137 pounds and abs coming in very visable now. she is really excited cause she said never seen her abs before. lots more tone and seperation in arms and shoulders and the visable changes really motivated her these past few weeks and she's pushing harder than ever. bottom line she's very happy with her progress.