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Permanent Low dose test

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  • Permanent Low dose test

    Do any women stay on a low dose of test year round? I believe that their was a period of time when doctors were prescribing an oral but stopped and now it is starting to pick up. Do any women take it upon themselves? I am not talking about a cycle. What type of dose?

    Also for the more muscular woman do are you able to maintain the extreme muscular size when off cycle?

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    Hormone supplementation generally isn't considered a static state of existence - i.e. you do it in cycles based on your goals (e.g. growth off season, on season cut, whatever). The only scenario I know of where someone might stay on a low dose of anything year round is a topical test prescription for libido. Some women decided to self-medicate, but generally no.

    "Extreme muscle size" - because most cycling is done w/ a specific purpose in phases of build & cut, its all constantly changing based on your goals, but as long as you are eating to support this and continue to lift as a lifestyle, most of it remains as part of muscle maturity.


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      What would be the highest dosage recommended for libido?


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        Originally posted by Nemesis RR View Post
        What would be the highest dosage recommended for libido?

        I think you'd need to consult an MD for that or do more research. I have no idea w/ that regard.


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          There is no solid medical evidence linking supplemental testosterone to an improvement in female libido, believe it or not. It has been observed and documented as "one of the side effects" of supplementing with test but the correlation between hormone and libido has not been thoroughly researched.
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