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ProHormones for Women

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  • ProHormones for Women

    I am starting this thread as a theoretical debate - I do not have a 'friend' or know of anyone that is wanting start a cycle. This subject fascinates me, that is all.

    About the quality of Pro Hormones vs "real" Steroids: A lot of these products have been out for a number of years. They have been poven to work as promised. Often times a comment is made "use Anavar, Winstrol or Primo instead" Well, how do you know that you are getting legit gear from an UG Lab? I think many people are more comfortable purchasing PH / PS. Of course, getting perscription meds thru a doctor is best.

    For the purpose of this discussion lets talk about fictional 'Jane'. She is 5'5' 145-155 lbs, muscular, looks good in a bikini, but would need to lose 10-15lbs to get into 'contest shape'. 'Jane' has been exercising and eating clean for a number of years - her diet & training are spot on. She is 40 years old and has no health issues. Also, She is done having children and is ready to accept any consequenses of her actions; but would like to avoid them all the same.

    Now then, What do you think about 'Jane' using the following compounds? Pros & Cons?

    A) 11-oxo

    B) Halodrol-50 Clones / H-Drol
    4-chloro-17a-methyl-1,4-diene-3,17 diol


    D)Prostanozol/ Orasan-E (de-alkylated derivative of Stanozol (winstrol))

    E)Furaguno/ Ortasan-A
    5a0androstano[2,3-c] furazan-17b-tetrahydropyranol


    Feel free to suggest other compounds

    The purpose of this tread is to try to shed some light on this realtivly unknown subject. If you have anything factual to add, please do.

    Please keep your Personal Beliefs about women using gear to yourself...
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    If you are a Woman and has had ANY First Hand Experience with a ProHormone, please Please PLEASE. Post up your results, good or bad.


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      You are mistakenly calling some of these products prohormones, when they are in fact active oral steroids.


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        ^ thanks for the clarification ^


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          Originally posted by dvsness View Post
          You are mistakenly calling some of these products prohormones, when they are in fact active oral steroids.



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            I used the Halodrol-50 and Orastan A (Gaspari's Maximus Stack) . I felt like it helped make me a little harder but didn't really add much size. I just ran it for 4 weeks one time around week 12 of my contest prep. My skin broke out but it's hard to say whether that was from the Halodrol or just the very low bodyfat and hormones being out of wack. I did get bumps around my jawline after I was done, very small & not noticable unless you were really looking. That went away about 6 to 8 weeks after cycle. That being my only experience with stronger supplements at this point I can't say whether or not you really get your bang for you buck.


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              ^^ thanks for your reply!!!^^

              Was that your first cycle or have you done others prior to that (anavar etc)?