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Natural Test production in women?

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  • Natural Test production in women?

    I researched this but couldn't find it. Does anyone know how much testosterone a women produces?

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    That's complicated. There's still debate about what's considered a normal testosterone level for a woman. Without clear guidelines for what's normal, figuring out exact figures can be tricky. Plus, what's low for one woman may be high or low for another woman. Most of the major labs report very wide reference ranges for normal. These ranges can vary significantly between labs. For example, one lab lists total testosterone range as 15-70 ng/dL for women age 20-39 and 4-70 ng/dL for women age 40-59. Another uses 15-70 ng/dL for premenopausal women and 5-51 ng/dL for postmenopausal women. Even though both labs list 15 ng/dL as the low end of the range, some doctors feel that any level below 20 ng/dL can be too low for a woman to maintain her sex drive and energy level.

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      May be a useful informative read:

      When puberty first hits, testosterone levels in women raise gradually, maybe to 40 or 50 ng/dl by age 15. By age 20, normal testosterone levels for women are around 70 ng/dl. Like men, testosterone levels in women decrease with age. After age 20, levels will begin to decrease. By the time a woman experiences menopause, testosterone levels may be half of what they were when they were 20.