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Facial hair: How to deal with it

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    Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals for Hirsutism

    Quite a number of vitamins and minerals are helpful for normalizing insulin and androgens, or reducing the effects of testosterone. They include chromium, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, copper, and vitamin B6, to name a few.

    Supplementation may also be indicated if your diet has been less than optimal and if you are taking multiple medications. Take vitamin B6 for example. The processing of foods may transform B6 into another compound that your body can’t use. The chronic use of birth control pills has long been suspected of creating a vitamin B6 deficiency, although this has not been conclusively proven.

    You want to have some B6 on board because it appears to reduce the production of prolactin, a hormone that causes testosterone to be taken up by tissues. Some women with PCOS have too much prolactin. Vitamin B6 also dampens the responsiveness of cells to hormones, and when there is a vitamin B6 deficiency, the cells appear to have an exaggerated response to hormones.

    In summary, supplementation with vitamin B6 and other nutrients should be considered for inclusion as part of your overall program to control hirsutism and other PCOS symptoms.

    SUPPLEMENTATION - HERBS. There are herbal medicines that work like anti-androgen drugs by inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone into the much more potent DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is the hormone in your skin that stimulates hirsutism.

    Serenoa repens (saw palmetto), pygeum africans , urtica dioca (stinging nettles) all inhibit the action of testosterone. There have been studies of men with testosterone disorders that demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of these herbs. There aren’t yet any studies of hirsute PCOS women. However, naturopathic physicians using these herbs for PCOS are seeing consistently favorable results.

    Vitex agnus-castus (chastetree berry) has traditionally been used to treat menstrual irregularities and improve fertility. It is thought that vitex normalizes LH (luteinizing hormone). High levels of LH contribute to androgen production. Vitex is an important herb for natural treatment of PCOS.
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      I believe that the right medication, lifestyle, diet, environment, mindset, can all help manage this problem.

      I use Saw Palmetto quite a bit. A tea or decoction of the following herbs is quite helpful.

      Vitex Chaste Berry
      Saw Palmetto
      Black Cohosh
      Goat's Rue
      Stinging Nettle
      Pygeum Africans
      Schizandra Berry

      The following herbs affect the sexual hormones of the female body. They really help with painful menstrual cycles and general overall hormonal health... which in turn helps the issues of hirsutism and hypothyroidism.

      Dong Quai
      Schizandra Berry
      Shatavari etc.

      Hypothyroidism which can be a cause of hirsutism.

      Seaweed especially Bladderwack helps a lot.

      I also recommend things that help to de-stress the system.

      Gotu Kola
      St. John's Wort
      Flax seeds
      almonds or almond oil etc.

      Raw foods help a lot. Do not use non-organic dairy. If you can do it, getting off dairy completely for a while. It helps slow down the hair growth. Only do organic foods and cut out sugar. If you want to do sugar than I have found maple syrup, honey, agave to be better substitutes. I also found Rapunzel Rapadura to be an excellent and more nutritious substitute for regular sugar.

      Don't forget exercise especially Yoga helps a lot. And so does meditation. Creating a soothing sacred environment in youR home and work place if possible really helps to heal the mind and body. We are really unaware of how our environment and the people we are around affects our bodies and minds.

      I would also recommend staying away from regular cleansers, bleaches, detergents and switching to more natural products that don't hurt the body. We may not realize it but they do end up in our system and affect the organs of hormone secretions. Minimizing use of plastic, styrofoam and other such volatile materials that break down easily and get into our food, water and body directly affect our hormonal health. I no longer use plastic bottles or eat in or with plastic materials. I no longer use the microwave to heat food. I filter my water with a reverse osmosis filter which is very important.

      By the way, a lot of the hormones injected into the cows get defecated and urinated out of the their system and end up in our water supply. It takes months for them to break down and they don't get filtered out before they come through our tap.

      Also, doing liver, kidney and colon cleanses helps quite a bit. Liver health and balance is really important for metabolizing all the hormones and what not in our system.

      These are some ways that have helped and are still helping me to heal from hypothyroidism and hirsutism. It takes time but it works.

      I hope this helps.
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        Threading, waxing & sugaring all require a decent amount of growth...Never gonna be an option for the thick, coarse facial hair AAS users get.


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          Might give eflornithine HCL a try. It is being newly sold in the USA as Vaniqa. It slows the growth to almost a stop as long as you use the cream on a regular basis.


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            Originally posted by ILiftBig View Post
            Might give eflornithine HCL a try. It is being newly sold in the USA as Vaniqa. It slows the growth to almost a stop as long as you use the cream on a regular basis.

            It will cost you a fortune and insurance will not cover it because they consider it for cosmetic use. Besides, all Vaniqa does is slow down the rate at which the hair grows. I get my shit lasered off and though it might not be permanent, it costs me nothing to maintain it with a single session once every few months. And that shit is the best investment ever. No more waxing or tweezing of fretting or none of that bullshit.
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