I did a writeup a while back regarding this issue and have recently started experimenting again with the various methods of hair reduction out there available to women with excessive hair growth in undesirable places. The reasons for excessive hair growth in this case do not necessarily have to be gear related. Women are getting treatment done for purely cosmetic purposes due to the convenience of having to spend less time and money on waxing, shaving, trimming, grooming etc.

So I thought I would start out a journal for women who are interested in following my progress as I test out various methods, explore costs, treatment efficiency, effectiveness etc.

Bear in mind that I am the perfect candidate for laser treatment. I am Middle Eastern as many of you already know, so have naturally darker, thicker and coarser hair on my body than American women. My skin is also thicker, tougher and more resilient than most and even though I have a very fair complexion, my skin is not devoid of pigment as I have a lot of olive and earthy undertones.

I will take you through this process so that no one gets raped because, believe me, laser technicians and electrologists are a bunch of thieves who will exploit uninformed women in order to turn a ridiculous profit off a treatment that can be accomplished in a fraction of the time and cost that you are originally quoted on.

More later..