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Best legal stack?

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  • Most of the products being discussed (from what I've seen) are estrogen inhibitors to free up natural test for your body to use. I am correct?
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    • Originally posted by tmontrone View Post
      this 5-tetra/halodrol LG stack sounds like its the shit to get, but they do random drug tests for athletes at my school. anybody know if i would fail it by taking this stack?
      While it is true that most people get results from these products (and The Ninja has tried a bunch and stacked them various ways). One question I have for you (since you mention school) is how old are you? The reason for this is at a young age, you already have a flood of hormones flowing in your body. Use those to your advantage (plus it's free). As a teenager/early 20's you have as much test in you as a guy on 'stuff'.

      Now course, if you're older than that, then by all means gather info and make the decision that makes sense to what your goals are.
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      • i think a good stack would be dermacrine pp transdermal sup , xfactor, 5 tetra, and maybe a divanil based product like activate xtreme. 4 wks of these guys combined. Then i believe sustain alpha is recommended 4 wks.

        I believe it would be kinda like the halodrol/5tetra/activae xtreme combo plus novedex xt but way more effective since the dhea in the dermacrine would be better absorbed through a transdermal.

        Would this still be considered natural?? from what i know dermacrine is simply dhea and sustain alpha is basically transdermal resveraltrol which is an ai on its own



        • I'm kinda lost after reading this thread. Since when did prohormones become considered natural? Used to look forward to reading in the nattie section, but now I guess I don't know what nattie is anymore. In my book if you're taking anything banned by WADA, you aint nattie. Just my two cents.


          • am i missing something here..... i thought most of the stuff you guys are takin about are on a banned substances list?

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