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Jeff Rodriguez Thread

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  • coming to the finals tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing it!


    • Good Luck Jeff!

      Things are looking good for Jeff!
      See Palumbo's comments at prejudging about Jeff's class here:

      Photos of his class:

      Photos of Jeff:

      Crazy triceps:


      • Originally posted by The_One77 View Post
        when do the results come out for the contest?
        From the pictures I think Jrod wins a decisive but close decision
        I believe the finals are tonight. I too think he has the edge.


        • clear cut winner...solid class though!


          • Based on his overall package, he takes it!

            Maybe it's the lighting? I find he isn't as dry as normal, but has the symmetry and fullness to take the class.


            • Originally posted by jrod View Post
              Hey Matt. I remember you from the '06 TU.


              Right now I haven't decided. I am really excited about the TU, and not so much about the Wolds. If I do get a spot on the team and decide to go, I would be going simply for the experience because, realistically, I wouldn't be competitive at that show. So right now, I'm just focused on the TU.

              It would be really nice to have to make that decision though .

              Any plans on making your way back to the TU? I know you started a thread here and mentioned competing in '09; are you planning on doing it then?

              I definitely plan on coming back in 09, just want to make sure I will be competitive at the Team U. If everything works out well I will be there.

              You looked phenomenal today and I am rooting for you Jeff. Wish you the best of luck in the overall posedown.



              • hehe

                Originally posted by daeagles View Post
                Jeff what kind of headphones do you have in the In The Trenches video..I got the little ball ones from Shure and starting to hurt me ears
                he said he's got the little ball ones...hehe


                • Congrats Jeff you look great.


                  • congrats man...your legs are a cut above the competitors.


                    • Congratulations Jeff on 1st place!!


                      • Great job Jeff!!!


                        • Excellent job.


                          • Well done mate!

                            What, if any, were the discussions and plans made after the victory?


                            • Yes! Congratulations! I knew you could do it! I know you're on top of the world right now! You looked fantastic! WHAT A CLASS ACT!


                              • goodjob jeff!
                                "Leg Day Is Business"
                                Layne Norton