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what are good lifts for a natty

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    Originally posted by morrow View Post
    deadlifts 315, 10 reps & got 405 3 times i just started deadlifts 3 weeks ago.
    do you think thats a lot for 7 months??


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      what a fucken douche


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        Originally posted by Lynch View Post
        i train like this

        monday arms
        tuesday legs
        wednesday back and traps
        thursday chest
        friday shoulders
        sat and sun cardio and abs
        I would space legs and back/traps further apart. If your training them hard enough you will need more time to recover in between


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          update deadlift 465 ..4-5 times squat 405 ..6-8 reps ....bench is at a sticking point was up to 315 for 4 reps but last few weeks its been 1 rep ..ive been working more hours at work than usuall the last few months is probably the reason im off a few reps but over all im slowly moving up
          milk is for babies,men drink beer


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            Great bust mini.... If one uses they use, IMO I bigger man would own up to his useage and what he does.

            dont get me wrong, I don't tell everyone due to I know a lot of older cops that would not be cool at all wit it. I just tell people who need to know. But never lie to some one that asks. My weight don't fluctuate up and down a lot so it's not notice able when I was on or off.

            almost forgot.... 1 more thing, in high school at 18 I benched 290 at 195lbs, natty! 2years before that I couldn't bench 100 lol.

            WORLD PHARM =


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              Good stuff, big gains on your bench early on. Hormone surge?


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                Originally posted by Mini Forklift Ⓥ View Post
                I call bullshit.

                4PPS on deadlifts after doing them for 3 weeks? No way. Please post a video/pics up and prove us wrong though.
                Umm bro freshman year 2nd time I deaded I did 405. At 190 20% bf. Was benching almost 300 n squating 315 at 15. Started lifting n 3rd grade. Some ppl are naturally strong as chit. Sad you have to call ppl users cuz you cant do wat others can. Smh


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                  8 or 9 yrs old first time I benchd was with cement plastic weights. A 15 on each side n a 5lb bar. Continually lifting that went up over the years. Only benchd curled n ohp for first 3 or 4 years.