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Intro myself to the natty forum.

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  • Intro myself to the natty forum.

    Hi, I'm Howard a 53 yr old lifetime bodybuilder and judge.
    I spent most of time in bodybuilding as a "natural" but did use small amounts of steroids back in the 80's. I may not compete again but plan to get a lot more involved in supporting natural bodybuilding.
    I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED

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    Things that everyone should know about natural bodybuilding

    1. All of us, ‘nattys’, usually has very thin waist. Just by not using insulin, GH (supposed viscera dilators) and not abuse in the diet, which usually someone who uses hormones commits: They use everything they can, to be able to remedy the flaws in their diet;

    2. We usually misinterpreted and suffer jealousy because someone who uses steroids, know the risk that can cause to health, and who uses would not take such a risk and use to get the results if he could do it. But these people can only achieve such results using these substances, otherwise mostly would not have a competitive shape;

    3. We studied a lot about training and diet, because we know that is the only tool and resources we have to grow, we get real exhausted on our workouts and often we have injuries for training beyond the limits;

    4. We are blessed genetically, and our muscle groups that are not good, we kill ourselves WITH TRAINING AND DIET, not WITH DRUGS, to solve our weaknesses, which take years to be corrected, and not simply with local application of testosterone or oil (Synthol, in Brazil: ADE);

    5. We are dedicated and persistent, and we train at least for more than 10 years AT LEAST to get on a bodybuilding stage. Otherwise, if we can get this done before that deadline, it is because we were very young driven by a more savvy natural bodybuilder;

    6. We test all types of training, but we always train hard, because we know that we have to get out with homeostasis results, we are not in plateaus, because we are not afraid to try different workouts, but we have fear to try drugs;

    7. We known natural diuretic herbs, methods and tactics to dehydrate without the use of diuretics;

    8. We do much much longer Pre-contest, not accumulate excess fat in the abdomen outside the diet period;

    9. We train with VOLUME, intensity and frequency;

    10. We have FAITH in what we do, and we firmly believe that we can achieve our goals without drugs;

    11. We don’t have gynecomastia (gyno), and this is obvious;

    12. We value tremendously our sexual health, and e would not accept any failures in this regard;

    13. We have STRENGTH, and good marks in our lifts;

    14. We repudiate the immediate portion of society, addicted, drugged, mediatic, influenced and weak;

    15. We willingness to help anyone who wants help;

    16. We want to be good role models for young people who start using steroids too early, or without necessity, and we want to advice them;

    17. We are an example;

    18. We are athletes, honorable and loyal, most bodybuilders who are not natural also are, but another part is vain, self-centered and arrogant;

    19. We NEVER stopped our research, and we have friends unnatural athletes who also like to search;

    20. We do not think we are better than those who use steroids, but better than those who use and dont diet, dont train, and even appears in clothes someone who’s not train, outside the competition period. WE HATE A PURELY SYNTHETIC PHYSICAL or MOUNTED SHAPE;

    21. We believe in SOME supplements, but not the "miraculous” results they preach, but we like them for its practicality in quickly provide certain nutrients or substances, or in amounts that are not easily found in food;

    22. It may sound crazy, but we do not believe in "Overtraining". We believe in periods of excessive soreness, which should be contained with rest and nutritional strategies, but we do not believe in "overtraining" created by expensive’s Gyms that require rotation, and preach that an individual who train up 45min enters "Overtraining" ;

    23. We do not accept limits;

    24. We are not ignorant or laymen;

    25. We do not believe in "Bro’ Science";

    26. We know the biological individuality, and if someone wants to be a natural bodybuilder, it may take 2, 6, 10, 12 or 30 years ... but one day will achieve.

    27. We train heavy leg, calf, and not leave any muscle group deficient;

    28. We are responsible for our health and that of others;

    29. Our concentration is absurd;

    30. Our willpower can not be stopped;

    31. We make projections, plans, measurements all the time. We are very strict with the control;

    32. Fattie attitude is not commit. A slice of bread is one slice of bread. A spoonful of peanut butter is a tablespoon of peanut butter, and not the whole pot;

    33. Do not trip ourselves up with sweeteners;

    34. We are not accommodated. We work, study and have accomplishments. We Do not think only in our physique or appearance;

    35. We are not usually vain;

    36. We EAT veggies;

    37. We use multiple sources of good fats;

    38. We Drink enough water;

    39. We are not comparing ourselves with others all the time, We don’t Mire;

    40. We Do not care about our opponents, We challenge ourselves;

    41. We love amateur sports, professional, natural or not regardless of whatever;

    42. We do cardio;

    43. We squat at least twice our body weight;

    44. We have strong arms and forearms, as we know that is the basis for good training of the whole body, as well as a tight lower back;

    45. We contract the muscle while training, we do not lift by ego. We use various training techniques, sometimes even instinctive;

    46. We have an accuracy instinct, and we develop it, to know what works for our body not hormonized;



    "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." - Winston Churchill

    (Sorry for the bad english)
    Natural Bodybuilder From Brazil / Personal Trainer and Coach


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      What a derped out list.
      11. we dont have gyno.
      Okay what about people that naturally have gyno?
      Wa arent vain, what, bodybuilding is about vanity.
      We don't mire, waaaaaat, you can admire someones physqiue and be natural.

      List is skewed to his perception of what it is to be Natural, which seems like an aweful lot of things to justify his reasoning for doing so.
      Which leaves me suspicious.
      I don't want to do steroids and have not done steroids is good enough.