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Can a Nattie get as big as a Juicer?

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    Yes you can. Btw, how do I start a new thread?


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      Originally posted by Sexybeast777 View Post
      this is not true. to assume that a natty will achieve his maximum potential as a natty in only 5 yrs is ridiculous. I've been training as a natty since I was 15 and I'm still making gains. I'm 37 now
      Correct. Bowden was miles off the mark there.
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        Originally posted by chrismac365 View Post
        Plenty of guys take shit and look like shit.. Gear is only one factor of muscle building... By the time we are all 60 the natty guy will look a lot better casue the juice guy will be dead and we'll be in the gym with our grand kids.
        ^ An old but very true statement. Steroids do not increase results. A person's maximum size/strength is pre-determined by they're genes.