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some advice needed.

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  • some advice needed.

    im 6'4 at 207-206 lbs in the morning at around 15 percent fat. i dont have too much definition but would a clean bulk cycle be better than a cut (which im doing now)? i dont have much muscle and i dont wanna wither away to nothing haha

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    Clean Bulk my friend, just pack on some quality mass. Then cut when you feel your at a sufficient size or cut before contest if you are going down that route. But still do some cardio when bulking once or twice a week.


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      ive heard for people just starting that they could gain muscle and loose bodyfat at the same time. could this be true?


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        Yes but at a much slower rate, want the results be old school and bulk then cut. Finally you can do both with AAS, but this is posted in natty section so guessing you dont want to go down that road.
        YEAH BUDDY !


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          im only 19. not against it, but i think im way too young for it now. im just gonna start at 3k calories and try to gain .5lb a week. try to stay AS LEAN AS POSSIBLE


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            Yeah you are, wait a few years if you decided to do so, as your hormone systems have not fully developed.

            There is your first issue right there. 3,000 calories, is that the amount you need?

            Because for me not on a super bulking mission (not cutting either) I know I need between 2250-2750 calories which includes 182-213 of protein, 250-300 of carbs and 46-54 of fats. Oh and my water intake should be about 2.5 litres.

            No offence in anyway but 15% fat isn't lean. Also 5lbs a week with nothing but food and maybe a few powders.... I dont want to say impossible but its highly unlikely without gaining vasts amount of fat or even then just not achieving that goal. However, because you are just starting you might put a lot of weight on quickly but even that is a bit much to ask.

            Sorry if that all sounds negative, but bodybuilding isn't like other sports where shit just happens and it works out.
            YEAH BUDDY !


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              Clean, SLOW bulk.


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                Wise words right there ^^^^
                YEAH BUDDY !


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                  not 5lbs lol .5 lbs like a half of a lb.


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                    heres my SLOW bulk diet.

                    meal 1
                    1cup of oats 300 cals
                    5 egg whites 1 egg 100 cals
                    1 cup of milk (in oats) 120 cals

                    meal 2
                    8oz chicken 200 cals
                    1tbsp of olive oil 100 cals

                    meal 3
                    same as meal 2

                    meal 4
                    8oz tilapia 200 cals
                    1 1/2 cups of rice 300 cals

                    post workout
                    protein shake 150 cals
                    gatorade 200 cals

                    meal 5
                    1 1/2 cups of brown rice
                    200 cals worth of tuna

                    meal 6
                    1 cup of cottage cheese 160 cals
                    1tbsp of pb 100 cals


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                      clean bulk.
                      i'd do cardio too, i'm bulking right now and i still do cardio 5x a week at 30 mins each, HIIT.
                      basically eat pre-contest food, but lots of it.
                      i'd lose the dairy, at your height/weight/bf you probably have skinnyfat genetics, which i do too, so diet has to be spot on year round, so as to keep bodyfat in check.
                      i also carb cycle, in a sense, even when bulking.. i do higher carb on training days, lower carb on non training.. minor increase in fat on off days, but not much.
                      i'm tall too btw, 6'7 and about 245 right now.