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Phat and the NAT

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  • Phat and the NAT

    PHAT training as laid out by Layne Norton has just entered my repertoire.

    I have decided that my know it all routine is far below my maturity level and intellect I swallowed the pill and decided I don't know best what my body needs. I looked around a lot for natural bodybuilding splits and researched how the body differs assisted versus clean in responses to training I may have found my answer to my lack luster gains of the past.

    Tonight was my first session of Upper Body Power.
    I have tried this program in the past but only lasted 3 weeks before I felt I couldn't do this without a trainer and that the time constraints were too large to fit my schedule.

    This time that will not happen.

    BACKSTORY of myself:
    I am a 26 year old nutrition graduate, with my girlfriend of 2+ years and have a 9 year old step son with her.
    He is progressing well in school lately (much a relief as last year I was worried of his future)
    My relationship with Jordan is a bit tough as she is not a gym rat as I...
    She needs her space at times and I am unwilling to fit this into my schedule...(the ol, hold the things you love a little softer and watch them grow...)

    anywho, training around the times we have Dylan aren't the easiest I will explain below.

    now PHAT prefers a 2 on 1 off 3 on 1 off split.
    That is not possible with my schedule as Dylan needs help with homework and I need to be in his life as a good male role-model.

    I have decided that the first night of the week, we get to have Dylan is NOT a training night. This is a large step for me!
    I will post up my numbers of my workout tomorrow and my nutrition

    Weight 196
    height 6'1
    Stage experience, took 2nd in novice tall class at the Natural Muscle Mayhem in 2012
    Looking to attain my pro card in 2014-2015

    Let's get this baby rolling.
    New-Man Nutrition
    Live Free, Train Hard

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    Here's the macros

    I eat 6 meal per day
    every 3 hours

    first two meals are protein and fat
    50g protein
    30g fat

    my meal 3
    is a shake at work
    50g protein (whey and casein)
    3/4 cup oats
    14g fat from peanut butter or coconut oil

    meal 4
    6 oz chicken
    160g rice
    14g fat from peanut butter or almonds

    Meal 5 pre workout
    1 scoops protein
    40g carbs from oatmeal
    14g fat, peanut butter or almonds

    * post workout is an extra 40g of carbs from gatorade powder. and 1 scoop of protein
    meal 6
    40-50g protein from egg whites and shake
    60g carbs

    New-Man Nutrition
    Live Free, Train Hard


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      Last nights workout 1-14-2013
      Bent over rows 3x5 240#
      Weighted pullups BW + 20# sets of 6
      hammer strength pulldown 2x8 125# per side
      Flat dumbbell press 3x5 90#
      weighted dips 2x10 25# chain
      shoulder press 3x10 60#
      EZ bar curl 3x10 80#
      Overhead tricep rope 3x10 110#
      New-Man Nutrition
      Live Free, Train Hard


      • #4
        Squats 3x3-5 295#
        Hack squats 2x6-10 at 2plates/side
        Leg extension 2x6-10 170
        stiff legged deads 3x5-8 315
        lying leg curls 2x6-10 100#
        standing calf raises 3x6-10 235#
        seated calf raises 2x6-10 3 plates
        New-Man Nutrition
        Live Free, Train Hard


        • #5
          Back and shoulders
          Pedlay rows 165# 6x3
          Rack Chins 3x12 bodyweight
          Cable row 165# 3x8-12
          Dumbell Rows 75# 2x 12-15
          Close Grip pulldown 115# 2x15-20
          arnold presses 55# 3x8-12
          Upright rows 35# 2x12-15
          Lateral raises 15# 3x12-20
          New-Man Nutrition
          Live Free, Train Hard


          • #6
            Legs Hypertrophy
            squats SPEED 205# 6x3
            hack squats 2.5 plates per side 3x8-12
            Leg presses 6plates per side 3x12-15
            Leg extensions 135# 3x15-20
            Romanian Deadlifts 195# 3x8-12
            Lying Leg Curls 80# 2x12-15
            Seated Leg Curls 75# 2x15-20
            donkey calf raises 4x10-15
            Seated calves 3x15-20
            New-Man Nutrition
            Live Free, Train Hard


            • #7
              Chest and Arms
              Flat Dumbbell press SPEED 65# 6x3
              Incline Hammer Press 2plates and a 10# 3x8-12
              Chest Press 200# 3x12-15
              incline cable flies 30# per side 2x15-20
              Preacher curls 80# 3x8-12icep cable 40# 3x8-12
              Spider curls DB 20# 2x15-20
              Overhead tricep press cable 40# 3x8-12
              Rope pressdown 90# 2x12-15
              Cable Kickback 20# 2x15-20
              New-Man Nutrition
              Live Free, Train Hard


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                A few weeks before I started PHAT

                New-Man Nutrition
                Live Free, Train Hard


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                  Hi, I'm a post graduate and I'm planning to start with 9 exercises for my Upper Body Power training schedule. My wife isn't supporting my idea of bodybuilding (she wants me to go with the scientific career, as I have a couple of customwritingz publications in journals), but I'm planning to take part in the NPC contest next summer (NY), so I hired a private coach - our first meeting is in August.
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