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What are Your 2014 Plans ?

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  • What are Your 2014 Plans ?

    I think social media has taken a lot of the excitement out of message boards, but for old times sake, I thought I'd start up a thread...

    Who is willing to put their name and physique on the line and say where/when you plan to compete in 2014?

    I'll go first... I am hoping to make one last run at things and plan to start the year off at the NPC FL Diamond Cup on 4/20/14 (Then hopefully something bigger and better in July).

    anyone else?

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    I just want to get bigger as a all natty fbber, and do whatever show is good for me next year. i would love to do Nats '14 here in Miami, Fl next year. here's are 3 update pics of me, i have started my bulkin' phase this Dec 9th, 2013 150bls and now i am at weight of 153bls and will be started my cuttin' phase this comin' Jan. 13, 2014.20131206_203158.jpg 20131207_124718.jpg 20131207_124643.jpg here is a pic of me from a show i did in Fl, last year and i am reg is heavy weight, yet my weight was 135bls for this show, so i was a middle weight. and again yes, i am all natty ME NOV. 24TH, 2012.jpg
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