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Keeping muscles tense

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  • Keeping muscles tense

    So recently was told that while performing exercises should keep the muscles tense throughout movement or flexed. Now I've always squeezed for contractions and lowered weight slow under control. But keeping muscles flexed throughout movements? Any purpose or wasted energy and only flex after or in between sets?

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    If your goal is bodybuilding, then yes I condone the application of active contraction throughout the entire movement. In regards to contracting or "flexing" between sets, you can implement that as well. The goal here is to activate as many fibers as possible under constant stress/tension/contraction. For some guys, as soon as they finish their last rep, they'll drop the weights and continue to contract (flex) the muscle for an additional 10-15 seconds just to tax the tissue that much more. It's all beneficial and you aren't "wasting" away any energy. This is why so many people hit poses between sets. It just adds additional stress to the fiber.
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