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Carb backloading method

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  • Carb backloading method

    Hi everyone, I just came across the method of carb backloading and I searched for it on this forum and there is one thread started on it and it was nothing but bashing the method. The bashing wasn't all that great, I was hoping it would be more entertaining.

    On to my question. I am totally willing to give this method a try and I have a good idea of how it works. Everyone bashing this method on the thread I was talking about seemed to be under the impression of eating just junk food, which is 100% false. Hence the bashing.

    What I wanted to know, can anyone tell me how I would incorporate the backloading if I work out at 12 pm?

    Sometimes I workout at 6 pm, sometimes at 8pm. I really have no control over my gym schedule because of my work schedule. I work swing shifts and I time my gym based on that.

    I know the basic idea is, follow the diet protocol up until 5 pm and hit the gym, and then carb until bed time. But how do you follow this method if you workout at 12 pm and then go to work and until 1 am??

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    I've been following the method for a couple of years, sometimes more closely than others but i've remained pretty loyal to the program, i find it works and i enjoy it, for me this makes it effortless. I bought the book, it's now a couple of years old and is due for an update but the basic template isnt going to change that much. I work shift work as well, on my days off I train around 1PM, day shift i train after 8 PM and if i work nights i train as soon as i wake up around 3PM.
    In the book the optimal training time is touted as early evening but just because your training isnt occuring in the optimal window doesn't mean that the protocol won't work.
    If you train around the mid day mark, keep the carbs to a minimum until after training, you can include carbs post workout and then stay low carb again until you backload at night, how many meals you would include carbs in is very individualistic, personally I do 2, like dinner and before bed,
    If you work until 1 AM can i assume you go to the gym pretty much upon waking? if so do you train fasted? I've found it doesn't matter when you wake up, train or sleep as long as you keep your carbs to a minimum with the exception of post workout until closer to bed time ( whenever that may be) where you have a window of a few hours to eat carbs, it's really easy to overthink it. hope this helped