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  • Supplementation

    What supplementation do you guys recommend for Mass gain. Obviously protein in the form of whole food and whey is a must but what about anything additional.

    I am 180 pounds and am consuming about 200 grams of protein a day. Looking to add some muscle in the next couple of months. Not sure if any of the supplement paks are worth the cash or if I should just keep up with the food and creatine.


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    What is the rest of your caloric breakdown like? Post that before i make any other suggestions


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      Get a quality MRP like Musclemilk to supplement the meals


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        Musclemilk is hardly quality. way overrated


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          Additional Info

          My typical day looks like this
          5:00 - 1 scoop NO Xplod
          5:15 - 6:00 Workout
          6:00 - 5grams Creatine with 6 ounces Grape/Apple Juice
          6:30 - 2 Scoops 100% Whey with 16 Ounces Milk
          8:30 - 1 Package Instant Oatmeal
          10:00 - 2 Whole Eggs and 2 Sausage Links and 16 ounces of Diet Green Tea
          11:30 - 6 Ounce Chicken Breast and 1/2 can vegetable
          2:00 - 1 can V8 Juice and 1 package Tuna
          4:00 - 2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter
          6:00 - 6 Ounce Chicken Breast and 1/2 can vegetable
          9:00 - 1 Scoop 100 % Whey with 8 Ounces Milk

          If my calculations are correct this gives me about 253 grams protein, 115 grams carbs and 73 grams fat.
          So for calorie percentage breakdown it should be 31%, from Fat 22% from Carbs and 48% from Protein

          I know it is only 2130 Calories but I am struggling with finding more good calories to add.
          I am 5'10" and 180 Pounds. 35 Years Old

          Monday and Thursday - Squats, Stiff Leg Deadlift, Deadlift, Leg Extensions
          Tuesday and Friday - Flat Bench, Bent over Row, DB Bench (inc or Dec), DB Row, Pec Dec, Cable Row
          Weds - Ez Curl, Skull Crushers, Alt Db Curl, Rope Pulldown, Hammer Curl, Overhead Tricep Extension
          Saturday - Shoulder Press, Standing Side Crunch Left, DB Shoulder Press, Standing Side Crunch Right, BB Lateral Raise
          Sunday- Off
          Sets and reps are usually 8-12 X 3


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            You have to be f***ing kidding me - 2130 calories to build mass?

            Seriously, forget about supplements and go buy some food! It looks like your protein and fat intake are pretty much OK, but you could definitely use a lot more carbs. The best supplements in your situation: rice and pasta.


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              Thanks for the feedback U-Hulk.

              I am starting to add some of those things to my diet. I am taking it a little slow though so I don't just add fat. I am targeting around 3300 calories. I think that would mean another 6 oz of chicken and 3 cups of brown rice a day.

              I just want to start adding the right Amino's etc as I build up the calories.


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                2100 calories that's your problem. Just start increasing 200-400 daily until you reach a point that you feel your gaining.


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                  EAT, EAT, and EAT

                  115 grams of carbs WTF at 180lbs you should be eating 350ish carbs


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                    L-glutamine, BCAAs, lower cardio, adequate rest, m... wait, on second thought, scratch all that: EAT!!!!!!!!
                    Psychobilly legend.


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                      yea man u gotta eat some more....Im about 190 at 5'8 and i would be starving at 115 grams of carbs....125 is the lowest i went during my precontest diet and that was very low for me...i would say kick up the carbs to about 300 to begin with...and stick to the basic supps.... whey,bcaa's, multi vitamin, glutamine, creatine, efa's, and u should be well on ur way


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                        I am in agreement with everyone that you simply need to ingest more quality calories daily. I would add about an equal amount of protein, complex carbs, and EFA's in order to get your calories up to about 3200-3600 per day. You might also want to add a casein based protein shake (with added EFA's...flax oil as an example) in the middle of the night.
                        CEO BBuilt International
                        PRO BODYBUILDER
                        PRRS/FDFS PIONEER


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                          Yo Eric!

                          To the OP....up the cals man. Right now I'm cycling 3500, 4000, 5000 with 3000 on my off day. You need to eat to grow "bro"


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                            Hey man, when you are counting your total protein intake don't count incomplete proteins (ie nuts, peanut butter, etc.).

                            You should probably eat some protein source before you hit the gym. You don't necessarily need carbohydrates with this meal, but you gotta pound down some egg whites or something.


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                              Forget the useless posts use some science

                              Good on you for asking for help in gaining mass. THese forums though are so subjective so pretty hard to find the 1% of usefull advice. My feeling get one good basic protein and forget everything else.

                              Get a dexa scan if you can afford to properly assess your current baseline fat mass and muscle mass. THen cacluate your base metabolic rate to assess roughly the calories you need for maintenance. Then work out the requisite percentage above that maitnenance weight you need to gain muscle.

                              However dont do anything randomly as half the posters recommend. Get a solid routine based on strength (screw the cable crossovers pushdowns etc) and work as a natural trainer on getting your strenght up on the big lifts. THe size will come but slowly. Take your time and save the dollars. Every fool on hear will tell you you need this and that supplement but half of them have never naturally benched 3-4 plates deadlift 5-6 and squated 5. So dont listen to em and keep up the good work