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    Every bodybuilder needs a 'foundation' of supplements to replace nutrience that your body requires all the time. Here's a good start (useful for mass gained, or precontest)

    1) Whey Protein Isolate
    2) Waxy Maize Startch (optional, carbohydrate powerder great stuff!)
    3) Quality multivit/mineral (Animal Pak, Anavite by Gaspari, ect.)
    4) EFA (Animal Omega, Omegalyze by Species Nutrition, ect.)
    5) Joint Supplement (Animal Flex, Arthrolyze by Species Nutrition, ect)
    6) L-Glutamine
    7) Creatine Monohydrate
    8) FIBER (MOST get it from food, but it never hurts. Pick up some
    SugarFree Metameucil)

    This is a fantastic foundationn that covers just about all angles of nutrient requirement for your body. From here, one can feel free to add in the "fun" supplements (No xplode, Superpump, ect). Obviously precontest, you'll need a fat burner in there. In my shakes offseason, I combine Whey Protein and Waxy Maize for a post workout shake. Any other time I have one, I do the same thing but add in Natural PeanutButter or another fat source like olive oil or macadamia nut oil.

    Hope this helps. Train Hard!


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      what ^^^^ said


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        I agree, food is and will always be no.1 in the mass department. Trust me, you need at least 400 gram of protein, assuming you weigh 200 pounds or more per day.Your workout should be intense to release power and energy , therefore building mass. After food, the workout per supp is crucial. My per workout supp is All Force Nutrition ,it's awesome. Any body who want to try something different should give this supp an try. It personally gave me 2 personal bet lifts in shoulders and chest. Change is good sometimes. I hear mhp, cyposport, etc......this thread is about supps and building mass, try the " other" companies every now and then. Found something i like, you can too, and GROW , GROW.!!!