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Tim Martin Q&A

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  • Tim and Dom
    You guys sure that rib thing isn't a hernia?
    Not doomin and gloomin here
    Assistant to the regional manager.
    Iron8 approved


    • Originally posted by Toddbz View Post
      Tim and Dom
      You guys sure that rib thing isn't a hernia?
      Not doomin and gloomin here
      I hope not! For me I think the 4" powerlifting belt was just too tight and put pressure on my floating rib, then when I picked up the weight I strained an intercostal muscle or tore the costochondral cartilage. I had two hernia surgeries in the past (inguinal and ventral/umbilical), so I remember what those felt like.

      Sporto - I agree with what you're saying about the glutes. Like it or not, having striated glutes is a necessity in today's bodybuilding. Granted everyone has different insertion points and muscle shape, but IMO everyone can get them to show.

      On top of walking lunges, I use two movements that I feel are responsible for getting sharp, chunky glute/ham tie-ins.

      1. On the seated hip abduction machine keep your hips elevated off the seat during the entire motion. I put my hands on my gluteus medius to better feel the contraction.

      2. On the lying hamstring curl, lie supine with your scapulae on the portion where the thighs usually rest, and place your hips against the moveable pad. I call these "butt clenchers" and lift and contract my glutes to the ceiling. Nothing will carve in striations better than this exercise.


      • This is what I'm talking about:
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        • Yeah! Thats the look! I really feel like if I can get that look I can do some major damage at my next show!

          I squat ass to the grass with and started using a wider stance this past year. I'll incorporate those exercises you described as well as the walking lunges.


          • Originally posted by Sporto View Post
            Something to keep in mind - striated glutes and hamstrings also need to be developed in order to see them at their fullest, even when at the very lowest of bodyfat. Granted, glutes and hamstrings are normally the last things to come in and you usually only see them at very low body fat levels, but you also need to really focus on developing them in the offseason. I know dieting long enough and in the right way will help bring these out, but it's a combination of really working them properly in the offseason. I know you weren't implying that it's all about diet, I was just making a point for those that lurk and read these great threads

            Thanks for the input!


            • Originally posted by Naturally Built View Post
              This is what I'm talking about:

              What color did you use at this year's TU Tim? It looked really good. Looks like a light coat of Dream Tan in that pic


              • I used Dream Tan #2, even though I feared the NPC national judges don't like it. I know **** ******* hates it and said "it looks like crap" on the play-by-play. I've always felt if applied with a matte finish it highlights separation on guys like me who aren't necessarily very vascular. It also covers the tattoos I have on both shoulders and upper back which can look distracting on stage.

                This year I also discovered Jan Tana Competition Color. This stuff smokes ProTan's ass!!!!


                • Tim,

                  What brand multi do you use?




                  • You need to get a video for that second exercise for glutes and call them Martin Glute Curls or something.

                    But seriously I'm having a hard time visualizing it.


                    • Originally posted by IronBrendan View Post
                      You need to get a video for that second exercise for glutes and call them Martin Glute Curls or something.

                      But seriously I'm having a hard time visualizing it.
                      Brendan Im with you. Im usually pretty quick but Im having a hard time visualizing as well. And at my last show I was pretty darn lean, but like I said you cant striated what isnt there. I need more glutes and tie ins so Id really like to figure this one out.

                      And so Im clear, I need to not put my glutes on the seat and then just do normal abductor movement?


                      • OK, for the abduction movement sit normally, then raise your hips as high as you can. When you abduct your thighs focus on pushing out with your lateral heels - you'll feel it in the sides of your glutes.

                        For the second one, find the leg curl where the foot pad is closest to the floor. Lie face-up with the pad under your hips and feet shoulder width on the floor and bridge upwards (like your humping the ceiling ).

                        On both of these movements I hold the contraction for a moment. People will look at you weird, but you'll catch them copying the exercise later.


                        • Brought a camera to the gym this morning so I could demonstrate the two glute exercises. Here you go:
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                          • While I was at it, we took pics of our back workout:

                            Lat pull-downs on the unilateral machine (done together)
                            Warm up set 20 x 90#
                            3 sets 12 x 130# (stack)

                            Pull ups
                            3 or 4 sets of 10-12

                            Single arm Barbell row (I stole these from Derik Farnsworth's DVD)
                            20 x 2 plates
                            15 x 3 plates
                            12 x 4 plates
                            8 x 5 plates

                            Seated row machine
                            3 sets of 20 (stack)

                            Single arm pull-downs using Hammer strength (stolen from Vince Taylor DVD)
                            20 x 1.5 plates
                            3 sets of 12-15 with 45 plus two 25's

                            15 x bodyweight
                            2 sets of 15 with 25# above head

                            20x 3 plates
                            15 x 4 plates
                            15 x 5 plates
                            12 x 6 plates

                            I did calves before my training partner got there, but usually do them after the workout so I don't get "sewing machine" leg .
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                            • last...
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                              • Thanks for posting those pictures. Unfortunately the lying leg curl at my gym is the kind with the movement arm in the center. But I can do the abduction machine. I've never used specific glute exercises before so this will be a new experience! My goal for next year "RIPPED GLUTES"!