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Layne Norton

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  • Layne i want to compete later this year buthave a problem getting my lower body conditioned enough. after my last cut if you looked at my upper body you would think im near contest ready but my lower body still looked like it belonged to somebody with 10-12% bodyfat although i have decent size. i ended up lowering my carbs to fast and did way to much cardio (2 hours a day with 3 a week them being hiit) so i kinda fucked my metabolism as i had alot of body fat to lose. i know this could be impossible for you to answer but are there people who just cant shed the fat of their lower body or is it a matter of having a better contest prep plan and staying leaner during the offseason.


    • Layne-
      What's up brother. Great to see you still going at it! I'm training my buddy right now for the Contra Costs, but I have no clue how to cut his water just before his contest. Any suggestions? He's 14 weeks out so I know there's plenty of time to manipulate his carbs and water intake.


      • Your thoughts


        It was good to meet you at the Arnold! You provide great inspiration for my workouts and now lifestyle of strict eating, working hard, and never quitting on anything!

        I am curious to hear, being a science kinda guy, what are your thought on all of the crappy, workout aids that come out on tv? I know that you are a work your ass off in the gym kind of guy, but i'm just curious on perspective. I watch some of the infomercials(when I watch tv which isn't much), and cannot help but laugh at some of them due to their sheer ridiculousness.

        Also, I am about to start a cutting cycle for greater than or equal to 15 weeks prior to my wedding in August. Besides strict dieting, what are your thoughts on thermogenics? It seems to be the fad these days, and I have used before, but i don't think they are 100% necessary if strict diet and workouts are followed.

        Thanks for taking time out of your busy days to answer!

        Instagram: Deak007


        • great thread,thank u