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Who here takes Beverly Intl' Supps? Do you think they work?

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    I've used ALOT of them as the trainer I had in 2008 encouraged them. I think their protein powders taste better than anything else around. I especially like the Cookies and Cream UMP. I am trying to go without taking so many darn pills this year so I have narrowed it down to Glutamine Select, UMP and Muscle Provider and their multivitamin and their BCAA.


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      Their products are awsome - use them exclusively - best there is!!! The have a new product called uplift - I tried it and leg pressed 8 reps at 1308lbs - on video - and I am 51 yrs old and natural. enough said


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        man i use the liver tabs and yes the universal is cheaper and less concentrated as well....and every supp company out there is fairly expensive...a bottle of liver or mass amino's last me ?...3-4 weeks...and i take a ton of them.....i also used their "density" tab's the last 6 weeks of my prep for 2 shows 3 weeks definately's a good brand...i dont use any of their other products but the one's i mentioned are all great products....worht it in my book.......muscletech,bsn,mhp....etc...all these company's sell expensive shit...beverly is no more expensive than anyone else......


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          I tried the protein powder about 25 years ago after reading that Vince told Makkawy to use it. Could't get the "cement" down no matter how hard I tried.


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            Their newsletter is great, and their supplements are the bomb


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              I won the npc national championship with it