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critique my diet

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  • critique my diet

    Hello fellow naturals. Im going to compete in 2010 so am looking to be in some decent shape before the pre contest diet starts. Im looking to lose fat at the moment.
    I do 1 hour cardio steady state at 5am 5 days a week

    I was 75.4kg after my leg workout and shake

    Diet atm is like this

    5 am cardio 50 mins on bike

    6am 30g glutamine,

    7am 50g oats,50g propeptide,15ml udos

    10am 30g carbs (potatoe,rice) spinach or broc, 30g protein (chicken breast or cod), clementine

    12.30 same as 10am but apple instead of clememntine

    3.30 wholemeal pitta (30g carbs), 30g of protein from chicken, clemantine

    6.30 - 7 30g carbs (rice,sweet pot or pot), chicken or beef and lots of veg, usually in a home made stir fry or chilli

    9.30 50g propetide, 15ml udos

    if its a workout day i have 30g whey, 50g waxy mazie and 20g glutamine pwo and 5g of mono if taking creatine

    I use a multi,vitc,b complex,glucosamine,and cissus (if i can afford)

    weekends are like this

    1) 1 bannana, pineapple, 50g propeptide, 15ml udos

    2)cnp flapjack or 50g oats and 50g propeptide shake

    3)4 whole eggs 2 slices of granary bread,apple

    4) same as 2

    5) curry or roast both homemade

    6)50g proptide and 15ml udos

    I also drink loads of water and have a couple of black coffee every day

    What do you think and how should i change it to lose fat when i plateu?

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    thats alot of glutamine at a time isnt it? I'm not on the level of a competitive bb'r...but I thought 3-5g at a time was around what you wanted? no? I also like to take my glut. pwo and before bed. No shake or bcaa's before cardio either? Always thought that was a good idea, protect against ye olde catabolism.

    How're the legs?

    Seems like a lot of cardio for being a year out from any comp.
    "Anger is a gift"


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      For glutamine i get nothing unless up use that high dose and then i find it to be really good for soreness and recovery
      I have nothing pre cardio as im not losing muscle and the glutamine seems to be doing a good job

      Legs are good and to be honest


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        I don't really like the glutamine breakfast post cardio. Maybe a regular meal to get your day going at 6am would suit you better? But if it's working for you cool.


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          I kind of use the glutamine to bridge the gap afetr cardio and while i have a shower and shave and get dressed for work. The plan was to blunt catabolism but not add any calories. I tried bcaa and they made me feel really odd