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Gaspari Novedex xt

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  • Gaspari Novedex xt

    Hey guys just wondering whether you have used novedex xt, and what your thoughts on the product are? what gains did you experience and were there any negative sides? Thanks

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    Bump, Come on guys


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      I tried a bottle a few years ago out of curiousity and bc I generally trust Gaspari Nutrition products. After taking one bottle according to label directions I can't say I noticed any benefit. This was the only new "variable" I had introduced to my routine diet/training at the time and nothing spectacular happened and I never considered buying another bottle. I will warn you about this.....There is a label claim saying to check with your bodybuilding sanctioning organization before taking this product to make sure it isn't banned. At the time I had only competed in the now defunct ANBC and the NPC, where natural shows only prohibit anabolic steriods and prescription strength diuretics. So I'm thinking to myself "yeah right, they put that on the bottle to lead you to believe this stuff is so powerful its borderline illegal". Well I was wrong. Seeking to compete in more natural shows I started preparing for a few INBF shows that were grouped together when there wasn't an NPC natural show I was interested in. Looking down their (long) list of banned substances, right there amongst cocaine, steriods, PCP, and clenbuterol was Novadex! Surely this must be a mistake or a case of similiar names (see any "legal steriods" sold in the back of BB mags), afterall this stuff did nothing for me! So I emailed an INBF offical with my question, and sure enough Gaspari Novadex is banned in that organization. You can not have taken it for 2 years prior to competing in an INBF show for the first time, and once you've competed in the INBF, if you take it you can never compete in the INBF again! I'm guessing they discover this info via polygraph. So I've had to wait my two years to be eligible to compete. I'm not sure about other natural orgs but to be on the safe side I wouldn't recommend trying it, spend that money on chicken breasts.


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        i tried a bottle not too long ago and i did feel better but i also noticed that it wasnt legal for natural use as he said. my personal favorite test booster is mhp T-Bomb 2. that stuff made me feel super strong


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          Okay thanks, well im almost a week into it so i might as well stick it out, cant hurt


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            I found a notiecable difference after my first bottle, after 2 bottles I came off it


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              What do you mean by noticeable difference? Strength, size or both? Did you stop taking it due to sides or it stopped working as well? thanks for your help


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                Originally posted by lukeb19 View Post
                What do you mean by noticeable difference? Strength, size or both? Did you stop taking it due to sides or it stopped working as well? thanks for your help

                Mainly strength and libido. I experienced no sides. I stopped taking it as thats what gaspari reccommends after 8 weeks.