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'Legal' OTC pro-hormone supplements

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  • 'Legal' OTC pro-hormone supplements

    Hey guys,

    I've been training for 2 years now without taking any supplements what so ever, and only just found out about these prohormone supplements I can buy OTC.

    I have heard that some are just as hard on the body as regular AAS, and give half the results.

    I'm completely new to this, and I'm looking to find some more information about it all. So I can safely start up an efficient supplement routine to get some optimal gains.

    If any of you guys could direct me to some threads started here about this particular subject, it would be of great help - I will search as much as I can in the mean time.

    One more thing - I've been looking at some supplements to buy to increase my lean mass. I was wondering if some of you could look at these links and tell me if they would be ok for my goals:

    [Anabolic Xtreme] Hyperdrol X2 -

    [Biorhythm] Androbolix -

    [Gaspari] Novedex XT -

    Thanks for any advice, I'm not looking to be spoon fed, as I said I'm going to search as much as I can about all this.

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    Also looking into this product:

    [iSatori] Isa-Test:


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      navadex xt will cause a false positive test, try prime by usp labs i get great results from it and it wont cause a positive test, also you could try regular tribulus that stuff works.


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        This is the nattie section, pro-hormone users should post on the chemically enhanced section