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Live webcast of Oct 10th OCB/IFPA show!

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  • Live webcast of Oct 10th OCB/IFPA show!

    Awesome news! The 2009 OCB Cape Cod Natural/IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Men's Pro Classic & Dymatize Figure Pro Classic will be available on a live webcast!

    For those of you who can't make the trip, there will be a live internet video feed starting at 10:50 AM on Saturday October 10, 2009. Pros go on first.

    Here is the site:


    Make sure you have Quicktime 7.

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    That is great news Doug. Thanks.


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      I know most Muscular Development guys are mostly NPC competitors, but I want to throw a quick complement at the line up for this show.

      I have competed here once, and there are some top level guys in this show. Doug Miller and Donovan Strong are two of the biggest Natty guys around, and some of the other guys in this show are great too. I judged an IFPA show that Damon Gillis won and he as legit! Ed Silva and "Little" Joe Franco get conditioned as well as anyone in the game.

      Anyway, good luck to all you guys! I for one will be looking for the results.

      Joe Franco (Pennsylvania)
      Doug Miller (Virginia)
      Donovan Strong (Maryland)
      Ed Silva (Florida)
      Matt Carey (New York)
      Bob Macleod (Massachusetts)
      Damon Gillis (Delaware)
      Chris Motil (Massachusetts)
      Wil Usher (Washington, DC)
      Vaughn Twigger (Virginia)
      David Trantham (North Carolina)
      Greg Kerr (Maryland)
      Steve Sims (Connecticut)
      Paul Schiele (Arizona)
      Rico Browning (Ohio)


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        That is a serious line up.


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          Class 1 ( 185 and under)

          Joe Franco
          Ed Silva
          Matt Carey
          Wil Usher
          Vaughn Twigger
          Steve Sims
          Paul Schiele
          Lenox Beaumont

          Class 2 (Over 185 )

          Doug Miller
          Donovan Strong
          Rico Browning
          Bob Macleod
          Damon Gillis
          Chris Motil
          Randall David Trantham
          Greg Kerr

          Pro Figure

          Catherine Basile
          Jodi Braun
          Kelli Correa
          Theresa Evans
          Stephanie Miller
          Brandi Navas
          Katrina Roundtree
          Donna Shea
          Nicole Weeks
          Katie Serodio
          Laura Bailey
          Christine Sousa
          Tiffani Mann


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            The total show is now up to 115 competitors (not including cross overs). The goodie bags at this show were filled with about $100 of supps (at least)....the promoters really take care of you here.....


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              Wow...That's awesome! A live feed of an OCB/IFBPA show.......


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                Hey - I am either too late to get on, or the website is not working right.

                Make sure to post reults! Thanks.


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                  So is it working??


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                    Congrats on the win Doug! Throw a pic or two up here...

                    Maybe the "who gives a fuck" type people will want to put their pic next to it?


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                      That is one hell of a lineup
                      Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science (Michigan State University) BodySpace Profile


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                        & IFPA DYMATIZE FIGURE PRO CLASSIC

                        October 10, 2009 – W. Barnstable, MA


                        Pro Figure

                        1 Stephanie Miller (VA) $2,500.00
                        2 Donna Shea (MA) $1,500.00
                        3 Nicole Weeks (FL) $1,000.00
                        4 Theresa Evans (CT) $500.00
                        5 Kelli Correa (MA) $250.00
                        6 Tiffani Mann (MA)
                        7 Kate Serodio (NH)
                        8 Catherine Basile (NJ)
                        9 Laura Bailey (CA)
                        10 Brandi Navas (NH)
                        11 Christina Sousa (CT)
                        12 Jodi Braun (NY)
                        13 Katrina Roundtree (MD)

                        Men's Pro Lightweight
                        1 Joe Franco (PA) $2,000.00
                        2 Bob Macleod (MA) $1,000.00
                        3 Wil Usher Jr. (DC) $500.00
                        4 Vaughnn Twigger (VA)
                        5 Matt Carey (NY)
                        6 Steve Simms (CT)
                        7 Ed Silva (FL)
                        8 Lenox Beaumont (MA)

                        Men's Pro Heavyweight
                        1 Doug Miller* (VA) $2,500.00
                        2 Rico Browning(BP) (OH) $1,250.00
                        3 Randall Trantham (NC) $500.00
                        4 Damon Gillis (DE)
                        5 Donovan Strong (MD)
                        6 Gregory Kerr (MD)
                        7 Chris Motil (MA)

                        * Division Winner

                        BP - Best Poser


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                          Doug and Steph are a great BB couple, winning both of their classes. Congrats!


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                            Originally posted by chrismac365 View Post
                            Congrats on the win Doug! Throw a pic or two up here...

                            Maybe the "who gives a fuck" type people will want to put their pic next to it?
                            Here are a couple using my cr@ppy camera....
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                              You look awesome Doug.

                              Do you think this was your best showing yet?