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Thermolife's PUMP-BOL: PUMPING up winter GAINS!!

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    Originally posted by Ninja Muscle View Post
    I got certifications, EDUCATIONAL DEGRESS, sponsorships, MILITARY EXPERIENCE and more money than YOU bro, thats for sure

    GTFO of my decent log, youre staining it.
    Sure you got more than me. I believe you. Your arrogance is impressive.
    Do not ever PM me again, especially in such a childish way. I very much doubt you have educational degrees as you can't even spell degrees correctly. Congratulations if you look better than me, I'll outlift you any day of the week. Post up some photos then and we can compare, I could do with a laugh.


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      More money than me? HAHAHAHAHAHA !! You might as well post up a pic of your house then, I can do that to. I hope you are a millionaire to back up your statement else you fail, again.


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        Originally posted by Ninja Muscle View Post
        ...and more money than YOU bro, thats for sure
        Originally posted by Ninja Muscle View Post
        Good News: I finally found a job at a gym
        Why do people try and bullshit others? There's the proof right there. I am a self-made millionaire through plain and simple hard work, if you were the same you wouldn't be working at a gym. Please don't let me embarrass you further by comparing photos of us, trying to fool others that you have more money than me or lead a better lifestyle. I bet you haven't even left your country before!
        Who are you sponsored by? If it's Thermolife, well that kind of makes sense. If you're not sponsored by them, what are you doing promoting another company?
        Final note: If you are so knowledgeable, how about you make some contributions to the forum other than this log? The only post you have made outside of here is telling someone how great your free samples of Mutant Mass were. People who are financially stable are not interested in freebies.
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          Proportion wise we don't actually look majorly different. I would guess I weigh a lot less than you which highlights the fact that you need to adjust your diet and / or training; your strength-bodyweight ratio is pretty poor, unless you weigh less than 140.
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