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Thyroid supps for weight loss?

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  • Thyroid supps for weight loss?

    Never really given this a lot of thought, but the more I do the more it seems to make sense. What would you guys think of introducing a supplement(s) which would assist in the nutrition of the thyroid gland? This would be a catalyst for weight loss ~ yes or no?
    The thyroid is the one of the key internal regulators of metabolism, with the activity of it naturally declining as we age. This inhibits the body's ability to utilise calories for energy (therefore promoting fat gain) and also slows down basal metabolism. T3 is the thyroid hormone that has the most impact / effect with regards to metabolism, so does anybody know if the OTC thyoid supplements have much effect on this hormone or they more target the T4 or TSH hormones?

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    None of the otc thyroid supps are worth a shit. At least thats what Iv'e been told by a buddy that runs a supplement store
    All statements made herein are fictional and are solely for entertainment purposes


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      I think it's only the T3 hormone that has any marked effect on metabolism and weightloss, so maybe the OTC thyroid supps don't alter this one? I'm sure they'd be a safer alternative to other drugs that re used to treat hypothyroidism.
      I have a new client that has an underactive thyroid gland, was thinking this may indirectly help his weight loss goals.