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  • testosterone????

    ok so i posted yesterday that i am trying to lose weightand a buddy of mine, who use ti be a cage fighter told me about a stack by bpi with roxylean amd a-hd. I am currently on roxy lean and have been for about a month and with out a seriuos diet cahnge lost twelve pounds. so what exactly does a testosterone booster do and will it increase my weight loss?

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    most legal test boosters are bullshit......real test will add muscle with calorie surplus making you possibly even heavierwith a better fat and a cardio are truly the only way...and once you are a certainlevel of out of shape the road back is long and hard


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      well 3-4g DAA ed (4wks on 2 off or somthing) and t-911 is decent but in the big picture, unless your using it for labido or post cycle support, its not realy worth it. (just my op)
      it is great for some help though.
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        I agree, test boosters work in some ways, but not really in performance or physique enhancing ways. Prohormones/Designer steroids and then actual Pharmeceutical Steroids are the only real way to get quick and dramatic improvements in your physique and performance. Daa found it Testosterone Conversion Factor-1 from Primordial Performance actually is very good at increasing testosterone, but imo its best suited for pct. You should take a look at our Androseries, possibly the safest prohormones on the market right now and should make a big impact in your goals.