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Glycerol Usage

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  • Glycerol Usage

    So, we learned about glycerol being a bodybuilding supplement because it can cause a state of hyperhydration. This could also be useful during bodybuilding contest because for every 1g of Carbs, it holds 3g water. Therefore, with the use of glycerol, you could technically increase intravascular water stores temporarily, giving you a more vascular and full look. Has anyone had experience using this? Know of a regimen used pre-contest?


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    i have used it in the past and recently just got some for making my own pre-workout drink. With that said you know alot of pre-workout drinks have glycerol monoserate (sp?) in them to give you that exta pump/vascular look. Do a search on it.


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      There is a supplement called liquid fury by extreme nutrition that is based on this idea. I've used it several times before going on stage and its quite popular in the UK a lot of guys take it for a pump up. It has several other ingredients that also have a similar effect to glycerol and cause you to pull water from the vascular system. Check it out
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        Dude the guy on the at site doin the side tricep is fuckin ripped.

        WORLD PHARM =


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          ACheppell, it says take 1! Table spoon..... So how many do you really take?

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