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Help identifying an old (2003) "endurance" supplement?

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  • Help identifying an old (2003) "endurance" supplement?

    This is sure to be a long shot...

    Although I've been lazing about for a few years now, back in the early 2000s I was heavily into MMA, I trained Muay Thai and BJJ specifically. Now that I'm back in the gym (lifting, no more MMA) I'm wondering about a supplement I used to take.

    There was a particular bottled pre-workout drink, sold at GNC, that some training partners recommended for boosting endurance, to give a "second wind" of sorts. A very good thing given the kind extended workouts we were doing.

    I tried and it and definitely seemed to get some genuine benefit from but, I can't for the life of me remember what it was called or what the active ingredients were.

    All I can remember is that is cost about $4 for a 12-16oz bottle, tasted like watered down fruit juice with a strong aftertaste and definitely wasn't heavily caffeinated or the typical energy drink. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a common protein/creatine supplement either.

    I've looked over everything GNC offers today and don't see anything that resembles it.

    Any ideas on what it was or recommendation for some current supplement that could give me the same effect (Hold off the feeling of exhaustion during an extended, high intensity workout) would be greatly appreciated.


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    Was it something like cytomax?
    Check out before getting ripped off!


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      Originally posted by tmno View Post
      Was it something like cytomax?
      That's what I was thinking but the name doesn't ring a bell. I'll have to try some and see what happens.



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        Was it ABB Ripped Force or similar? They used to be big sellers in gyms, with that after taste...