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Stack: A-HD, Trib, ZMA

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  • Stack: A-HD, Trib, ZMA

    What's going everyone, just thought I might post my experiences with this new product. I am 35, and now weigh 208-210. Down from my winter bulk of 230. I have been trying to lose weight and perserve my muscle without PH/DS cause want to save that for the mid summer. Since XT is hard to find thought I would try BPI's Ameridex-hd or A-HD and stack it with natural test boosters. I workout 5 days a week and do cardio on the same days any where from 30 minutes of HIT or 60 minutes of constant cardio. I am also using oxylite pro to help with the fat loss.
    I am into my second week with this stack and must say I am enjoying it for what it is worth. The A-HD takes about two weeks for it to get into your system and this second week has been nice. Muscles are harder and getting fuller. Did chest today and everyone was saying things on how I looked. Good things that is. I had a really nice pump That lasted the whole workout. I have done PH cycles before so I kind of know what to expect from a otc AI and throughly happy with it. My body comp is improving and getting leaner and harder so can not complain. They say you can take a-hd for up to eight weeks with a four week break so might do that. But I take the A-HD and my ZMA at night before I go to bed and take trib twice a day with a 8 to 12 hour break in between each trib dose.
    Still have another two weeks on this bottle so will check back in to let you guys know how it went.
    Not really gonna do a daily log. Just tried a new product and wanted to put my two cents in on how it worked for me. Hope this might be helpful. Peace.

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    Oh, I forgot the most important thing. I have gotten a tad bit stronger in the two weeks I have use this stack. Nothing to write home about but instead of 8 reps on a squat, now I am getting 10. A bit more aggression in the gym and finding to be a little short with people so guess that is a sign that my test is rising. Or it could be a lack of sleep because of finals. But anyway, I think you will see muscle hardness and great pumps before you will see a increase in strength but been on a few other sites and they have said that the third week is when it really kicks in so we shall see.


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      hey nice gains bro!


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        Originally posted by aminopopper View Post
        hey nice gains bro!
        What's up bro? Where you been hiding man. Thanks bro. I am enjoying this. Still getting nice pumps. Muscle hardness and strength starting to go up. Going into my fourth week and gonna get another bottle and see how eight total weeks will do.