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creatine & water

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  • creatine & water

    I have been using creatine for many years and never ventured beyond creatine since my early teens when prohormones were great. My question is on the overall effectiveness of creatine. I have gained a lot of weight and muscle fullness but on one occasion, I caught a viral infection that put me down for a couple of days and literally drained the water out of me. I shrivelled up and although getting back to gym was ok I was disappointed that I retained no muscle.
    So if I were to go off creatine for longer than a month I would lose that fulness and on a related note does prohormones or steroids build the muscle tissue or also just push more water into the muscle? I have been pretty uneducated on the actual biological effects of creatine, NO, and actual steroids. Any links or advice appreciated.

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    Creatine does hold water, although some weight gain does stay after someone stops using it, Not a whole heap for some people but others keep a bit.

    Steroids and prohormones build muscle some cause water retention though. But yes they build muscle.

    Hope that helps ya bro.
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