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Testosterone "Boosters"???

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  • Testosterone "Boosters"???

    Are testosterone boosters worth while? Or is it just another sales pitch that wont deliver. What do you guys think? Are they legitamite do they actually produce results? Have you taken them? When,How? Did you use them as a form of "PCT" or did you take them as a regular daily supp.

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      the ones that do work on me, not to say they will have a tremendous impact but are worthwhile are:
      -fenugreek aka testofen;
      -coleus forskholi aka forslean;
      -daa products

      other things one might consider that are potent anti-oxidants, work on androgenic receptors and promote hormonal balance:
      -lclt, alcar;
      -arachidonic acid (hit or miss)
      -cissus (i find it anabolic as well as good for joints)
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        Not worth it..


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          Some are, some aren't.

          When they work, you'll notice consistent results. Test Charge by All American EFX is one you can definitely tell works.
          I've tried Bioforge with decent results.
          Tribulus alone doesn't do much, but when stacked with a good test booster does seem to amplify things.
          I've also had good results with Gamma Oryzanol in the form of Bodybuilder by Equiade
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            The only two "test-boosters" that I felt ACTUALLY working was Jungle Warfare Extreme and Animal Test. Other then those...the list of them I have tried is easily over 10-12. In general I think TB-ers are a bunch of crock.