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Fat Burner help

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  • Fat Burner help

    Just curious, if i were to start adding a fat burner to my diet, is there any chance i could lose fat whilst maintaining the same bodyweight?

    For example, if currently maintanence is 3000cal, if i were to up it to 3300-3500 very clean calories (so above maintanence), and throw in a fat burner, would this burn unwanted fat, whilst leaving the muscle? or would it just burn the added weight i put on, thus not really getting any results?

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    Bro whats up!

    I dont like fat burners the stimulant types anyway. I had good fat loss with L-carnatine and ALA. Sure it was nothing like a duro mine lol, but I seen a good change.
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      Wouldn't work, as you'd be supplying you body with excess calories. Your body would have no need to tap into bodyfat stores, regardless of whether or not you took a fat burner.


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        Ill save my money then haha.

        Never really liked them, but was thinking of jumping on board for a bit. Hell, ill continue to bulk, may just add some cardio in the mix to not get too loose.


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          its all about diet fat burner sonly help a bit.
          i would rec 2:
          1) need2slin (love it)
          2) Rezolution (more stimy though)
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