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Lipo6x caps

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  • Lipo6x caps

    I just bought a bottle of lipo6x and the caps are partly covered with a darkish oily substance. Is this normal or should I return the bottle?

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    Hey yea i just got some the other day and they are like melted and joined together what state do you live in or i wonder if they just sent a bad shipment everywhere
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      I`m actually from the country of finland. Seems unlikely that products that are produced in such controlled environment would be contaminated like that. I wonder if its just for making the caps go down easier. Haven`t seen anything like that before though...


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        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mine were like melted together and sticky and i was asking if you were in the states then that would mean they were packed in hot trucks when shipped around and the dark oily stuff is the actually pill covering melted so maybe their labs caught on fire?
        I am a machine that just needs the programming.