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  • Best Weightloss Product

    Hey everybody, my girlfriend is looking for a good product to help her lose weight. I've heard a lot of stuff about hoodia and certain side affects that come with it. Any information on products that you've all taken that do work, or products that you feel are safe and will help show a significant difference would be greatly appreciated! Of course while taking the product a diet and strict workout regimen is nessessary and taken into account. Any info would be great, thanks!

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    cytomel/clen/ephedra stack


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      Now any possible side effects from the ephedra? And how much will that run her?


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        some people dont respond too well to ephedra... in my experiences similar to having too much caffeine... how much weight is she looking to lose? and what does her diet and training look like?


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          Shes looking to lose between 10-15lbs and her diet is going to consist of one larger low calorie meal and 2 smaller ones. She's highering a personal trainer at a fitness center to get her started, so he will most likely dictate her routine. (doesn't want me doing that, she wouldn't like me if I was training her lol) Her caffeine intake is low, therefore is ephedra ok?


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            dude right now i would just bump her up to 5-6 equal meals stressing some complex carbs, lean protein and good fat... then i dont know about her training she can probably do well on her own, do you know what shes doing right now?


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              Right now she works out 3-4 times a week, mainly eliptical for 30mins and some machine legs and abs but thats about it. She's just goona be starting to diet, cuz her eating needs to change for her to lose any.


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                yeah eating has a lot to do with it but i would encourage a simple 3 day per week training regimen that has her doing basic movements to stimulate her hormone production and get into an anabolic state... also the best time to be doing cardio to lose weight IMO is in the morning with only a scoop of whey in your stomach


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                  Yea that sounds like a good plan, any ideas on what the 5-6 meals should be a day? Im more of an informant on the lifting and technique part of bodybuilding, but certainly no expert on eating right. Could you give me a simple breakdown such as, meal 1: fruit and otmeal, meal 2.. sort of thing?


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                    you can mix them however you like... but for protein i would stick to lean red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs or egg whites, and egg whites or whey PWO... carbs i would stay with oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes, and something with a lot of simple digesting sugars PWO like white bread with honey... and for fats you can get them from pretty much any tree nut although i prefer almond... and then make sure she supplements a good multi and flax oil (which will give her a bit more fat)


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                      Check out Rapid Cuts hardcore by allmax plus eating several smaller meals a day and adding cardio. Eating is important, just eliminate all crap food will help alot. Maybe if she has a metabolism problem she should go get labs to see where she stands first.


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                        Bro, have her do cardio 4 days per week and have her start weight training 3-4 days per week. Like i twas said, bump meals to 5-6 per day centered around lean proteins and complex carbs with the first 4 meals and lean protein and added EFA's the last 2 meals. Be sure to get some fibrous veggies as well (broccoli, mixed green salads, asparagus, green beans). If you need some training examples check out bodyfx2's P/RR/S program. That should give her at least 5-10 pounds if she does it right. If she still wants a fat burner, try ALRi's Special Tactics and T-X. They are both Stim free fat burners.
                        TEAM P/RR/S ELITE


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                          In my opinion, that "20-30 minutes is great cardio" theory is bs. When I was losing weight, I lifted weights and ran 6 days a week for an hour or more, and I also ate all the time to keep my body from shutting down from all the exercise. Surprisingly, I was super alert, in a good mood, and physically improving all the time. I ended up losing 35 pounds in 3 months this way. I put on muscle, lost fat, it was awesome. I was also drinking a gallon of water a day or more, plus green tea. Every morning I would have a glass of half water, half 100% juice.

                          I, too, am concerned with the fact that she eats 3 uneven meals a day. You asked for diet suggestions, so I'll tell you what I was eating when I was losing weight. Keep in mind that I was in the gym 6 days a week and running 6 days a week, so the portion sizes might need to be smaller if she's going to do significantly less activity than I was doing on this diet.

                          Meal 1: 1 cup fat-free plain yogurt OR fat-free cottage cheese with 1-2 cups chopped fresh fruit.
                          Meal 2: Protein shake, apple dipped in natural, no-salt-added PB.
                          Meal 3 (after midday workout): 6oz meat (boneless skinless chicken breast, fish, or a cut of beef with the fat trimmed), 1 sweet potato with pepper, about 2-3 cups of spinach salad (no dressing). OR I would have 2 trays of prepared sushi w/o soy sauce (about 24 of the individual rolls).
                          Meal 4: Protein shake, equal amount half water/juice (ex: if the protein shake is 12oz, the total water/juice is 12oz).
                          Meal 5: Same as meal 3, might substitute brown rice for the sweet potato.
                          Meal 6: Protein shake with caesin protein for slower digestion.
                          Throughout this, I would be drinking a lot of water, as well as green tea. My favorite juices were Naked, especially since I could have chocolate in their chocolate soy drink! Since it's almost entirely juice/puree, it's rather high in carbs, so that's why I mixed it with half water.

                          I was taking Women's Ultra Mega multi-vitamin, a zinc supplement, and I don't really remember what else. The 35 pounds in 3 months was to make weight for boot camp. Since I did this with diet and exercise (instead of a fad diet or pills), it was very easy to keep off as it became a life change instead of a quick fix. At my heaviest, I was 220 pounds, and now I'm about 145, so it's really made a difference (however, when I was able to lift, I was around 170-175).

                          I did not use sugar substitutes on this diet. I made a decision to avoid them because I didn't like the idea of chemicals in my body. I never cheated once on this diet, if you can believe it! I had no cheat days, no cheat Hershey's Kiss, nothing. I was absolutely strict on this, so that should be noted. If she's allowing herself cheat meals or cheat days, or is a sucker for that bowl of ice cream every night, she may not lose as much. Then again, my protein shake was Muscle Milk, and I still saw improvement, so perhaps a bowl of ice cream would be less detrimental!

                          For exercise, here's how it went.

                          Day 1: Run 1.5 miles as fast as possible, timed.
                          Day 2: Run 3 miles as fast as possible, timed.
                          Day 3: Run 4-6 miles keeping a steady pace.
                          Day 4: Find a hill 200-400m high, sprint uphill, jog back down, wait 1min, repeat 10 times.
                          Day 5: Rest.

                          Working 1 muscle group a day, lift 5 of 5: 5 reps per set, 5 sets per muscle group. This means you're doing a total of 25 sets per muscle, making your gym time rather short. Rest 30sec between each set, and make sure each set is a different exercise to hit other parts of the muscle. This lifting method does not work for everyone, so she'll have to try it out to see.

                          Took yoga classes at least twice a week.

                          Now, with the cardio, you can switch it up, but if she's going to run, run outside. There is a significant difference between running on a treadmill and running on pavement. For example, I could run on a treadmill for an hour and still be able to breathe just fine. When I moved to pavement, I couldn't go 200 yards without being horribly out of breath! Do the pavement, and make sure she knows how to push herself. I would run until I puked, then run some more. If I didn't throw up in the middle of a run, I felt like I didn't push myself hard enough. If she knows how to push herself safely, she can swim, bike, hike, raft, ski, and whatever else if running isn't her thing. While running on Day 2 and 3, have her switch up her running for a couple hundred yards to incorporate running backwards.

                          Hope this helps.
                          Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?


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                            Yes that definately does, thanks alot!


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                              PM me if that lifting regimen doesn't work, and I'll shoot you my alternate.
                              Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?