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Anabolic Eating For Your Age

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  • Anabolic Eating For Your Age

    Much has been written about nutrition in the pages of MD over the decades. I’m sure many readers who began reading when they were teenagers are now entering their 30s and 40s. Countless pages have been devoted to describing nutritional protocols to maximize gaining muscle and losing fat. But I submit to you that we have all been fools— not just the young as George Chapman implies. There are fundamental metabolic differences between age groups— yet most nutritional recommendations for maximizing muscle don’t take age into account! In this young fool’s opinion, it’s time we all examined optimal anabolic eating for YOUR age, addressing each of the macronutrients.


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    Good article, I didn't realize we needed more protein as we get older. I'm surprised more people haven't responded in this thread!


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      This is a great article! Just like we have to taylor our training as we get older do to injuries or just bodyparts wearing out or soreness from years and years of pounding the weights. Some people's metabolism increases with age and some decreases. Definitely something that I think most overlook.
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