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Considering my first cycle ever...

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  • Considering my first cycle ever...

    Ill give you a little bit about my background. I am 28 years old 5'7" 160lbs 8% bodyfat. I have lifted seriously for approx. 8 years. When i say seriously i mean, is when i learned how to eat proper foods and perform the proper lifts/reps ect...

    My question to you, is i am seriously considering my first cycle. I have never done steroids before so, i have no idea what to take. I do not want to go too extreme but i DO want to see some lean gains. I am weird about gaining fat, i mean i eat clean and like to stay lean most of the year. If i had to put numbers on it i would say i would like to hit 180lbs around the same bodyfat %. So basically 20lbs of lean muscle. I have a very close friend that works at a hormone clinic and she was telling me she can get me test. She says depending where my current levels are now, she would like to get me up to 1000-1100. would test alone allow me to hit my goal? I am not new to the gym scene and i have been told that i have a great physique, i am just new to the steroid part of it. attached is a link of what i currently look like just to give you an idea of what we are working with. Thank you for your input and advice i appreciate itphoto (3).JPGphoto (3).JPG6.JPG4.jpg
    "I do consider myself a body builder" - Johnny Vegas

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    shit, can we move this thread to chemical enhancement?
    "I do consider myself a body builder" - Johnny Vegas