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What's in Bio-Gro (Bio-Active Peptides) by iSatori?

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  • What's in Bio-Gro (Bio-Active Peptides) by iSatori?

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    I used bio-gro for a little while and I will say the number one thing I noticed that was never directly advertised as an effect was better sleep. I'm very aware of my body and anytime I take colostrum over a few days, particularly in large quantities before bed, I get much deeper sleep, more vivid dreams, and wake up feeling much more refreshed. I was taking probably 4 or 5 servings of bio-gro, however, and started buying colostrum by the kilogram because of how positive the effects were on my rest. I have no doubt in my mind that this product, as long as you have the money for it, is a good investment.


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      iSatori Bio-Gro Ingredients and How They WorkThe primary ingredients in iSatori Bio-Gro are Bio-PropBio-Active Peptides (BAPs) These are actually protein fragments taken from high grade bovine colostrum.
      The BAPS in iSatori Bio-Gro are smaller molecules than other peptides.
      What they do is turn up the volume on the bodyís natural protein synthesis process, helping to make gaining lean muscle and recovering from intense workouts that much faster and easier.
      The idea is that you can consume all the protein you want, but itís not going to get you the results you want until your body is using it efficiently, which is what iSatori Bio-Gro does.
      iSatori Bio-Gro comes in powder and capsule form.
      For the powder, the recommended dose is 2-3 small scoops taken twice daily.
      You can mix it with your protein shake or pre workout drink, or you can mix it with soft food like oatmeal or yogurt.
      For the capsules, take 5-7 pills with a glass of water or other liquid.
      You can take the capsules with or without food.
      iSatori Bio-Gro Pros and Cons

      Advantages of iSatori Bio-Gro
      • Itís cutting edge supplementation.
      • There are lots of great iSatori Bio-Gro reviews from customers who say it makes their muscles feel full and helps make recovery quicker and more painless.
      • Itís made by a reputable company.

      Disadvantages of iSatori Bio-Gro
      • Some reviewers say they felt absolutely nothing.
      • The powder is gritty and hard to mix.
      • Itís expensive. There are 60 scoops in a tub. You need to take 4-6 scoops per day, so a tub will only last you 10-15 days.

      Where to Buy

      iSatori Bio-Gro is available through the iSatori website as well as some other retail supplement websites.
      The 60 scoop tub, which will last 10-15 days if taken as directed, costs about $30.

      Itís tough to tell whether or not iSatori Bio-Gro is real. Some reviewers love it. Others say itís worthless.
      And thereís not much to go on in the formula.
      Colostrum can be a very effective supplement for protein synthesis, muscle growth, and overall health.
      Whether or not iSatori Bio-Gro takes this to a new level remains to be seen.
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        Colostrum your money