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Picking the right supplement "stack"

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  • Picking the right supplement "stack"

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, just some friendly advice to people starting out.

    I will get asked, what supplements should I go take ? "What would be a good stack?" And whatever I tell somebody, they'll go out and purchase. That really comes down to your body and your specific goals though, individualized.

    Test boosters are ineffective for most guys under the age of 30. Certainly if you've done endocrine damage or manipulation, that's different. But a 50 year old man getting back into the gym will get a much greater benefit from a test booster than from creatine. However, the 21 year old kid will benefit more from the creatine than from a test booster.

    Whatever supplements you choose, go out and purchase them one by one, judging each one on a month trial. People will walk into a shop getting ready for a new workout regimen, and they stock up on their supplements.

    So on March 1st, you walk into the supplement shop, and you pick up 4 different products, all for muscle building, and all new to your body. In March, you eat great, you train great, you sleep well. Now, its April 1st, and you're up 5lbs. That's awesome, truly amazing accomplishment. Now which one of your 4 supplements contributed to your gains ? One of them, two of them, all four of them ? You have no way of knowing.

    March 1st, go pick up one product. Take it for the month. On April 1st, if you've seen a difference, go pick up another product and add it to the mix. Now, on April 1st, if there was no change for the month, stop taking the product. If you really ate like you should, and trained like you should, this applies. Why would you continue to take a product that isn't benefiting you ? Save your money on the "extreme muscle builder" and go buy more steak.

    There are definitely quality products on the market that are effective. Absolutely. But there are also lots of junk ones. Be wise with your decisions. Add your products one at a time, for a month trial each time.

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    Good post.
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      I know what works for me and I usually keep them on hand most of the year. Pre-workouts ( usually 6 weeks of taking them, then lay off for a bit ), Whey Isolate, ZMA, and creatine every once in a while.
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        Thanks for the thread and the info here, really helpful. As for me, I try eating healthy, and I think it is the most important thing. I also take some good and healthy supplements and vitamins which I get from I am sure that they help me stay healthier and fit which is pretty amazing, and I recommend that you have a look there too
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