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JYM vs NurtraBio. Mark calls Jim out

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  • JYM vs NurtraBio. Mark calls Jim out

    Not sure if you guys have heard all the news so i'll break it down for you.

    Jim Stoppani claims his protein is the ONLY true non-proprietary out there currently and calls out NutraBio in the video below

    NutraBio's CEO Mark responds and seems to *SCHOOL* Jim on real scientific breakdown of true non-proprietary in a very professional matter.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    I loved the Jym brand, but Jim's video made me lose respect for him as he won't admit that he is wrong.

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    PricePlow actually did a GREAT write-up on the scandal here:

    Making things even juicier, they also announced is suing Jim Stoppani:


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        JYM vs NurtraBio. Mark calls Jim out

        Jims a clown and those who cant see through his bullshit are sheep. He still promotes out dated "science" that most of us dont follow anymore......he still pushes the use of oral Carnitine.....and he talks with his hands!
        I subbed his youtube channel when it popped up on my feed because I "was" interested in what he had to say.....his education....his background.....the accolades hes received.....I thought he'd have some great/informative videos to watch during cardio. I made it through exactly 2.5 videos before I deleted him.
        ..........much like the great and noble Layne!