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Whey Protein Powder Bloats me now

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  • Whey Protein Powder Bloats me now

    3 weeks ago I started taking Whey protein again on a daily basis to up my protein intake with my work schedule (convenience).

    But unlike in the past, I get bloated every time I take Whey protein powders.

    I bought Muscletech b/c the shop was out of ON, and Muscletech bloats me every time I take it.

    When ON was back in stock, I bought and am taking ON brand but it bloates me also - but less than Muscletech.

    Jerry Brainum was interviewing with Ric Draisin and said below that the companies have modified their formulas and more people are getting bloated
    from protein powders. Brainum says this here below mid way or 3/4 way through (sorry could not find the exact time).

    Does anyone here have bloating issues with taking Why protein powders now?