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I'm bigger, faster, stronger, and on a side note hotter than every single NFL linebacker.

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  • I'm bigger, faster, stronger, and on a side note hotter than every single NFL linebacker.

    I'm calling out the NFL again. Based on my hotness level alone I should be allowed to play for 3 to 4 years.

    Current stats are 6'0 and 265. Natural. No steroids ever.

    50-51 inch chest, 17inch arms, 28.5 inch quads, 18.5 inch calves.
    Can prove all measurements.

    I also hold the unofficial world record in the 10 yard dash at .97 of a second. Average time for me is 1.00 to 1.14.

    Even after adding in the .30 to .44 of a second because I hand time myself i'm still faster than you all.

    Nobody in the NFL is hack squatting 555 to 560 with their feet at the bottom of an Icarian Hack squat Machine and pausing it with no knee wraps at 6'0 tall or higher.

    It's tougher for tall people because there is less leverage ....

    I am currently calling out every single NFL team on instagram with the same info.

    I don't even need to play college football. I'm too hot for that.

    Based upon all of this evidence there is no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to play.

    Plus my nielsens measure of marketability factor is greater than any current or past LB.

    Meaning that you could see my face on the cover of ESPN magazine. Who's hotter me or Barkley? Exactly.

    Who's hotter? Me or Gronkowski? Exactly.

    Gronkowski doesn't even lift heavy for fear of getting injured.

    Who's stronger? Me or Rex Burkhead? Me or Danny Amendola? Me or Julian Edelman?

    Me or Ben Hogan? Me or Cameron Wake? Exactly. I'm pretty sure i'm hotter than Wake the last time I checked.


    What the NFL is doing now is they are purposely trying to shut me off from their league. They have set it up in a way that there is no such thing as open tryouts.

    You have to be invited to play.

    If I have to go to a Division 1 college and show up for open tryouts at 38 years old I will do that.

    Think about it. If NFL players can't even keep up with me then what makes you think a D1 college player is?

    Nobody at the Linebacker position can match my 10 yard dash speed.

    Meaning I will get to the quarterback faster than anyone else.

    A 40 yard dash is not applicable in the NFL.

    Linebackers run 10 yards and that's it.

    So what's the point of a 40 again?


    Who here can help me get into the NFL ? Does anyone here have any connections with any coaches, scouts, or players?

    If you know someone within the NFL then ask them to give me a tryout.

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    Based on this alone I should be able to get into the NFL.

    I should be able to do whatever the hell I want to do seeing that i'm the hottest human being to ever exist.

    I can't believe I have to even ask someone to get me in the NFL.

    It pisses me off so bad that I have to even ask.

    But seeing how things are set up then, who can get me into the NFL? I'm pretty sure I would be the greatest linebacker to ever play the game the last time I checked.


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      Why are you "calling out the NFL" on a small bodybuilding board, in no way related to the NFL.
      At best it'll achieve fking nothing.


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        I know Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys and Chuck Knolls of the Stealers....I will give them a call.

        If not those two I might be able to get a hold of Weeb Eubanks...Coach of the Colts.


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          Google Jordan Peterson,

          He will help you out.

          No need to thank me.


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            I have Vikings offensive line coach Anthony Sparano and Indianapolis Colts Offensive line David DeGuglielmo numbers in my phone along with several strength coaches so any time you want sparky.


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              My Competition Prep Journal

              Muscular Development Forum Rules


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                    Why weren't you at the combine stud?


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                      Zoolander 3 coming soon.


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                        Jason Genovas long lost father?


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                          This dude is back again?
                          IFBB PRO- ​Darkwire.. from ICELAND..lmaooo


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                            Originally posted by dave415 View Post
                            This dude is back again?
                            Wasn't there a guy on here that went by something like trackstar400...or something close to that? He used to do this same shtick. Talk about his “awesome records”.
                            I stop one else does.


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                              Yeah, but do you actually play football ?